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Carvel Ice Cream is the home of the original ice cream cake and offers a variety of fresh made cakes, novelties and fountain ice cream products Find Carvel Ice Cream locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Carvel Ice Cream

Carvel Ice Cream in Woburn, MA


By Rebecca d.

We are so thankful in the office to have a Carvel Ice Cream nearby. It is has become our official place to buy birthday cakes for office celebrations. Carvel's offers all kinds of fabulous cake creations and they are hand's down the best makers of the chocolate crunchies that appear between ice cream and cake layers. A great place for cakes or that special treat!

Carvel Ice Cream in Mc Kinney, TX


By Vickie H.

Carvel Ice Cream stores are among the nation's hottest new chains. The new store that has sprouted up in McKinney is a local favorite for families and kids. Hundreds of varieties of soft serve and dipped flavors entice your taste buds and make choosing a challenge. The smooth, creamy flavor is unrivaled, and their unique "rainbow sprinkles" machine delights children who can pile on the sprinkles in a myriad of flavors. A great place for rewards, a summer outing, or kid parties. PROS: Excellent product, kid-themed CONS: Sometimes crowded

Carvel Ice Cream in Pasadena, CA


By T M.

I order a vanilla malt(big Mistake)...Taste like coffee tell the employee:He say it's to bad I have to pay for it (with a attitude) so I did and trow it aways on the way out... Describe your experience.(Bad) Did they meet your expectations?(No) Do they specialize in anything?(Not sure,didn't stay long enough) Are they a good deal?(No) Would you recommend them?(No)

Carvel Ice Cream in Matawan, NJ


By Lisa H.

I've gone to this Carvel Ice Cream store a few times and really haven't been overly satisfied. They sell the standard ice cream cones and sundaes. Their cakes are terribly overpriced though. Even with a coupon from the local paper, you can do much better at a supermarket. The drive through is a quick and easy option in the summer when you have the kids in the car crying for a cone.

Carvel Ice Cream in Cockeysville, MD


By John C.

I like the new look Carvel. I'm hooked on your Cake Mix Ice cream. I like the self serve sprinkle bar. I remember the one in Pikesville, MD. The ice cream is still the best.