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What Insiders are Saying about Chase Bank

Chase Bank in Chicago, IL


By Pamela C.

I received a check from a company that has a checking account with Bank One. I was hire an an independent Rep can you tell is the company legitimate.The check is for a large amount of $3985.00. The name of the company is KBHOME Career-Aid Assurance LLC. With all the indemnity theft I'm just curious.

Chase Bank in Dallas, TX


By Deb B.

Chase Bank is a full service financial institution that can handle every aspect of your personal and corporate financing needs. They offer superior customer service and the most up-to-date banking systems.

Chase Bank in Houston, AK


By Todd B.

Very slow posts to account... Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Home Federal, etc all posted immediately for most credit/debit card transactions (primarily when run as credit). Chase Bank has yet to post two $0.84 purchases I made five days ago. That and they have placed a 3 day hold on funds over $500 on my paycheck (ie: major employer's check for $816 only gave me the ability to use $500 of the check until the "delayed time" had passed, which is something that, specifically, Bank of America did not do... Looking over my account today, however, the check shows as in my account pending, but I have $0 of it available for immediate use... Not sure what they're waiting for... Online system gives no head's up as far as what is pending, since I don't even think the bank knows what is pending...

Chase Bank in North Las Vegas, NV


By angela m.

I like coming to this bank when I need to go late at night because it makes me feel safe. I feel safe because you can't open the doors to get inside to the ATM machine unless you swipe your bank card. So it makes me feel safer knowing someone isn't just going in to rob me, the doors protect me.

Chase Bank in Northridge, CA


By Shangrila M.

This is one of the larger WAMU branches that I have been to, and consequently, they always have long lines. I found their customer service to be average, nothing spectacular. The one bonus about this branch is that they have drive-thru ATM machines, which are VERY convenient when you are travelling with kids.

Chase Bank in Brooklyn, NY


By John G.

I opened a checking account at this branch. It is brand new, just opened and great. The staff was very helpful and even the manager came over to introduce himself and thank me for opening my account there..They even called me to make sure I recieved my debit card...Great service!!!

Chase Bank in Monroe Twp, NJ


By Garrett H.

As far as bank tellers go this place has the friendliest and most helpful workers I have ever had the opportunity of interacting with. Great people, great service, great bank!

Chase Bank in Santa Clara, CA


By Salma A.

This is a very busy bank. I sometimes have to stand in the line for more than 25 minutes. I think they need more tellers. However their service is friendly and they do stick to the "Free Smiles" sign written in the bank.

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