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Check Into Cash in Las Vegas, NM


By Mary C.

Thought I had gone to handbag heaven yesterday. This boutique has it all, handbags, wallets, silk scarves and fun jewelry. The staff is so pleasant and helpful. Prices are great and they have a BOGO sale right now. Not the easiest store to find the first time but definitely worth a visit.

Check Into Cash in Union City, CA


By sharlene t.

Check Into Cash is a good service once in a while and the employees are pretty down to earth and pleasant to deal with. The only problem is the technical glitches that frequent the system. Quite a few times that I had to go in to pay back on a small loan, their systems were down and they had to ask me to come back later. That was a scary dilemma to deal with because if it happens on the due date of your loan repayment, there is a potential that you could be slapped with a late fee. Of course, the employees make an effort to keep note of who attempted to pay when the system was down, but there is still a risk.

Check Into Cash in Kirkland, AZ


By bILLIE m.

They went into my son's place of work and totally humiliated him in front of his clients. He may be late paying but he is definitely going to pay them. I DON'T KNOW IF IT'S AGAINST THE LAW BUT I'M GOING TO FIND OUT.