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Chili's in Wylie, TX



there aren't enough words to describe how great of food they serve! it is delicious! i have to remind myself that i just had chiloso yesterday almost everyday! ;) yes, it's that good! must try the bowl with chicken & the grilled avocado! so yummy!

Chili's in Boulder, CO


By T L.

It's shops like this on the West End that make me skip the paved portion of the Pearl Street Mall. It's loaded with gorgeous clothing!

Chili's in Missouri City, TX


By Ami A.

I ordered the original ribs while visiting this establishment, and I have to say I was wishing I would have gone to McDonalds instead. The ribs were dry and the meat was tough. I had the same drink the whole time, because our waitress never bother to come back and refill it. If there's a next time, I will go to the one on the Southwest Freeway & Williams Trace....@ least their service is good.

Chili's in Cypress, CA


By Glenn B.

We eat at Chili's Cypress fairly often and have come to take note of when Patricia (at the bar) or Scottie (in the bar) are working. They are both extremely attentive, pleasant and professional.

Chili's in New York, NY


By Super S.

This hotel is great place if you have children. The service was amazing. The room very comfotable and clean. The service room wonderful, very fast. The prize cheap

Chili's in Harleysville, PA


By Stephanie S.

This is a great place to get ice cream. I have only gotten water ice from here but it is super good. The staff is always very helpful. The place itself is always clean. I would suggest this to other people.

Chili's in San Leandro, CA


By Sarah F.

I am the first to admit that I love a good dive bar. They have character both on the bar stools and within the actual foundation. Many great stories and even a good friend can sometimes be found. That is not the case with Schelly's. I felt uncomfortable being there event with friends. It has a little too much creep factor for me. IF you are looking for creep factor away from Halloween then this is a good place for you. If you are a fan of the dive bar like I am don't put this one on your list. There are many others that are top notch. It's hard to descirbe what I mean by "creep factor" but the place just made my skin crawl.

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