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Chuck E. Cheese was founded by Nolan Bushnell, inventor of Pong and founder of Atari, in 1977. Chuck E. Cheese offers a safe, family friendly environment for kids to play video and arcade games and also enjoy pizza and other treats. Find Chuck E. Cheese locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese in Buford, GA


By Amy F.

This is a fabulous place to take the kids. The have a sorts of games and rides for children of all ages. Even the adult ones that are young at heart. They even offer food which is okay.

Chuck E. Cheese in North Dartmouth, MA


By Mike S.

I went to this Chuckecheese on 1/12/08, I will never go again. While using the mens stall for my 3 year old daughter to go to the bathroom a drug deal occured in the main area of the bathroom. On the way out there was nobody checking numbers to make sure my girls and me and my wifes matched, someone could have just walked out with someones kid and no one would know the difference. This was my first and last experience at this dump.

Chuck E. Cheese in Denton, TX


By Steve S.

We use to take our daughter and friends here all the time, but you really have to time it correctly on the weekends because they are absolutely swamped. The building just is not big enough. For a family on a budget, this is a great place to take your kids and have a great time.

Chuck E. Cheese in Arvada, CO


By Ken J.

This place is fun for the whole family. The staff is great. Everyone can play the games which are only one token a pice. The pizza is very yummy. The prices are not out of this world.

Chuck E. Cheese in Stevenson Ranch, CA


By Tamara M.

This is an awesome place to have a birthday. It's great for all kids 2-12. Pizza is one of our favorites. Also has a pretty good salad bar. All 3 of my kids has had at least 2 birthdays there. I love how you a personal attendant that takes care of everything. They do have characters so wouldn't recommend if children are afraid.

Chuck E. Cheese in Philadelphia, PA


By Barbara M.

Thank you! This is excellent. You are far and away the most helpful person I have spoken to in my search for a tile contractor. I will look at your info, pictures, and prices, and try to come to a decision. You are a gem. People who actually take the time to help others in this world are rare these days, especially in business. Thank you, and have a WONDERFUL day!

Chuck E. Cheese in Oceanside, CA


By Lisa G.

We go to Chuck E Cheese several times a month with our four kids, they love it and we spend about 3 hours each time we go, love the food and they always have coupons whcih is a plus. We have the free refills cup so we never have to pay for drinks. Love this place! PROS: everything CONS:

Chuck E. Cheese in Cupertino, CA


By Jenny G.

I love this Chuck E Cheese. It's a very young toddler friendly and has lot more stuff for 0-5 years old kids can do. The place is very clean and the party area is more private and intimate than the one off Tully Rd. The employees are very attentive and friendly and would check on you to see if you need anything. Even the prizes seem better and you can buy some of them at a reasonable price. Even though I live near the one off Tully Rd and used to go there all the time, from now on I would go to one off Cupertino knowing that it has a lot more to offer for my 2 years old. If you do have older children, this is not the place for you. Most of the rides and games are more geared toward younger children from 0-7 or 8.

Chuck E. Cheese in Tacoma, WA


By Robert M.

Brought my kids to this place. They have a lot of games to play, slides and rides. They also have eating tables all over the place. They have an area where parties can be held. Tickets won can be trade for prizes. The food is good but expensive. The staff are very helpful.

Chuck E. Cheese in Baltimore, MD


By nadito Melika l.

it is a fun place and a very good interactive place where kids can play and have a good time. while parents can have a good time too. there is lots of games and food for all ages it is popular for its chuck e cheese mouse