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What Insiders are Saying about Cicis Pizza

Cicis Pizza in East Rutherford, NJ


By jess s.

CiCi's pizza has the most greatest pizza. As i ate it, i became more and more pleased. I went here with my entire family and all of us left the restaurant with a smile on our faces. As I watch the commercials, I think to myself what they say on here is absolutely true. keep upthe good work Ci Ci's!

Cicis Pizza in Newark, AR


By Daniel M.

My family came across this spot while vacationing in the Delaware area during the week of 8/16/10; it was the only downside of our weeklong trip. In a nutshell, the all-you-can-eat concept is great and at $4.99 a head you, seemingly, can‚??t beat the deal. And the service and atmosphere is exceptional: friendly, festive, fun -- a great spot for a child‚??s birthday party. However, we collectively realized we‚??d made a poor choice when we gazed upon the ‚??Macaroni-and-cheese Pizza‚?Ě -- and yes, it‚??s as disgusting as it sounds! The pasta and tomato sauce dish was pretty bad, too. My wife dared try the soup; ‚??terrible,‚?Ě she proclaimed (and this was before a little boy dropped his bowl in the kettle then plunged his arms in almost elbow deep to dish it out!). And though my daughter (like the rest of us) is usually quite agreeable when it comes to most restaurant‚??s freshly-made pizza, she took one bite and declared how nasty it was. Overall, the place smells nasty, too -- and the plates, plastic cups, and silverware all have that semi-cleaned cafeteria feel. Cici‚??s Pizza Buffet is indeed like a school cafeteria -- and not a very good one. Clearly, the owners of this spot are geniuses, getting wealthier by the day. Why? Because of their can‚??t lose business model: they‚??ve designed a place that kids, trailer park residents, and other undiscriminating customers can‚??t get enough of -- plus, an endless crop of budget-conscious out-of-towners like ourselves will be fooled into visiting (I‚??m all-too-guilty of being beguiled by the bright, flashing ‚??All-You-Can-Eat-For $4.99!‚?Ě sign outside). And anyone with a semblance of taste who wanders into the joint will most likely do as we did: duped and disappointed, our bout in the ‚??All-You-Can-Eat‚?Ě battle was down-for-the-count by round one (barely denting the distasteful buffet). That‚??s all our tormented taste buds and soured stomachs could tolerate (‚??No mas,‚?Ě we all shouted. ‚??No Mas!‚?Ě) So be warned, despite the low price, Cici‚??s Pizza Buffet ain‚??t worth it!

Cicis Pizza in San Diego, CA


By amber s.

they have really good pizza! the blt salad was great! they should build more of them and its cheap which is a bonus

Cicis Pizza in Glen Burnie, MD


By Antoine J.

I love Cici's Pizza, but there's none where I live. I live in Annapolis Maryland, close to the mall. There are a couple of food chains around that are okay, but if there was a Cici's Pizza it would be the all time greatest!