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What Insiders are Saying about Cingular

Cingular in Atlanta, GA


By Lori W.

After many years with different cellular companies, I tried Cingular. I'm a customer for life! Great rate plan choices, easy online bill paying, plenty of perks and great customer service! PROS: Terrific customer service, great rate plan CONS:

Cingular in Northridge, CA


By Tracey C.

We stopped in here just to look at phones, but realized that they had a great promotions here that were not at other Cingular stores we had visited. We really liked our sales associate, but weren't commited, so we came back 3 days later when he was working, and we still got the promotion, even though it was not on the board any longer. He was very helpful and professional (not pushy). I would definitely recommend you talk to Julian.

Cingular in Fremont, CA


By Maria H.

Cingular as you know sells cellular phones and cellular phone service. Like many stores...they're busy. Still my experience was on the positive side of neutral. Vincent is very knowledgeable in the plans and in the phones they carry. He was able to explain many of the features in a manner that didn't feel rushed while there were people waiting to be helped througout the store.