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What Insiders are Saying about Circuit City

Circuit City in Dedham, MA


By Dan R.

Circuit City has all the appliances, computers, games, equipment, and know how that one would expect at an electronics store. However, they also have a forgiving and reasonable return policy that is absent at most Best Buys. I would actually recommend this store over any local electronics store.

Circuit City in Arlington Heights, IL


By Charlene G.

This store deserves a recommendation! The place is so neat and the electronics are arranged in a manner that is well-organized.

Circuit City in Arlington, TX


By Patrick H.

This store needs to grow. It is a very small store, but you can always find a good deal here. They just have a bad selection. The DVD's are hard to find, and they really need a new set up. It seems real unorganized. I will go here for their deals in the sunday ad's.

Circuit City in San Diego, CA


By Alfonso H.

When you first come in at this store, first thing you will notice is how courteous are the staffs are and they offer amazing assistance throughout your buying process.

Circuit City in Baltimore, MD


By Melanie M.

Circuit City isn't usually busy at this location. I like that! I can get in and out of there quickly. Advertised merchandise is usually in stock, service is quick and helpful. Prices are good on most things, they also install stereo's/cdplayers/etc. I had a radio installed in my car and they were quick and did a great job at a low price. Convenient Bel Air location. Large selection of computers, notebooks, movies and video games, cameras and tvs.

About Circuit City

Circuit City was started in 1949 by Samuel S. Wurtzel as the "Wards Company" retail store featuring televisions and home appliances. In 1977, the company began shifting to new-concept, Circuit City stores, and officially renamed the company in 1984. Circuit City offers a large selection of consumer electronics, entertainment software, and personal computers. The company slogan is: "Just what I needed."