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What Insiders are Saying about Circuit City

Circuit City in Kennesaw, GA


By Char C.

I purchased 4 speakers, a Sony Mex-1hd in 2/28/04 with a 2 year warranty that expired in 2/28/06. I called and spoke with store. Mike gave me some great advice and will take a look at it even though the warranty is out. It is in perfect condition and was rarely used. He may have saved me having to purchase another one. He is happy to take a look at it since they did install. He looked me up in computer, and was so great. I will shop at Circuit City!! Mike is awesome in Auto Accessories and installation.

Circuit City in Dedham, MA


By Dan R.

Circuit City has all the appliances, computers, games, equipment, and know how that one would expect at an electronics store. However, they also have a forgiving and reasonable return policy that is absent at most Best Buys. I would actually recommend this store over any local electronics store.

Circuit City in Arlington Heights, IL


By sylvia o.

For we have lots of business right here in this store ==== We know the ecomony is so bad===we know but hey we need stores here in home Sebring,fl or before long we have nothing left=and that will be very sad=all the way around.

Circuit City in Arlington, TX


By Patrick H.

This store needs to grow. It is a very small store, but you can always find a good deal here. They just have a bad selection. The DVD's are hard to find, and they really need a new set up. It seems real unorganized. I will go here for their deals in the sunday ad's.

Circuit City in Houston, TX


By dan l.

This electronic store is smaller than best buy but the excellent costumer service and quality provide Circuit City with an upper hand. They guarantee that they have the lowest prices then any other store or they will give you 10% of the difference. Use this to your advantage if you dont want to wait in long lines in Best Buy go to Circuit City and get the same thing cheaper and faster.

Circuit City in Santa Ana, CA


By Jessica S.

i like circuit city because they usually have cheaper cds than best buy. their selection isn't as good as best buy though. this circuit city is kind of in a ghetto neighborhood and it's pretty far away from the freeway. no major complaints.

Circuit City in Little Falls, NJ


By Allia R.

Circuit City is a good a electronics store. They will price match your items and are helpful. The store always seems to be having some sort of sale or clearance event.

Circuit City in Mount Laurel, NJ


By Vinny C.

Prices are way too much for games. They have no sales on games that are atchully cheap. Do your self a favor and go to a store that is especially for games- EBgameworld! PROS: Good name CONS: Pricey

Circuit City in San Diego, CA


By Ped F.

Circuit City has gone down in the past few years. They are a little expensive and their variety is not as diverse as other competing electronic stores like Fry's. Also, they tend to change the layout of the store quite often, making it hard for customers to find things quickly.

Circuit City in San Jose, CA


By Alan G.

I purchased a highend laptop exactly 1 yr 7 days ago at this store. As luck would have it it conked out (just plain stopped booting!) & neither HP or CC would honor the spirit of '1 yr' warranty. I was given the option to pay $59 for a 'professional diagnosis' by the Firedog folks. I asked them if they can diagnose it to the hardware component level since it does not even boot. They said yes. After 2 days they come back & said no diagnosis can be done since it does not boot. I said i knew that all along. But they refused to refund the money saying 'services have been rendered'.

Circuit City in Federal Way, WA


By Ellen B.

Awful, terrible customer service. It's not a surprise that they are going out of business. We took our truck there and they ruined the dashboard and would not replace it.

Circuit City in Baltimore, MD


By Melanie M.

Circuit City isn't usually busy at this location. I like that! I can get in and out of there quickly. Advertised merchandise is usually in stock, service is quick and helpful. Prices are good on most things, they also install stereo's/cdplayers/etc. I had a radio installed in my car and they were quick and did a great job at a low price. Convenient Bel Air location. Large selection of computers, notebooks, movies and video games, cameras and tvs.

About Circuit City

Circuit City was started in 1949 by Samuel S. Wurtzel as the "Wards Company" retail store featuring televisions and home appliances. In 1977, the company began shifting to new-concept, Circuit City stores, and officially renamed the company in 1984. Circuit City offers a large selection of consumer electronics, entertainment software, and personal computers. The company slogan is: "Just what I needed."

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