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What Insiders are Saying about Claires Boutiques

Claires Boutiques in South Weymouth, MA


By Jennifer S.

Claires is a great place for all of your hair and accessorie needs. I like this place alot especially because it is the first place I got my ears pierced and they did a great job and I remember things like that about companies. They also have a great selection of all kinds of earings birthstone as well as all types of different designs and colors. They also have a ton of hair accessories, scrunchis,clips etc. in every color shape and size. Some of them also cary wallets, purses and a few cool watches. I would reccomend claires if you are looking for some reasonabley priced jewlery or to get your ears pierced they are very good and I would definately reccomend them.

Claires Boutiques in Bloomingdale, GA


By Jackie G.

I am too old to wear most of the jewelry that Claire's sells, but I do like to go here when I am in need of new hair accessories. They have lots of pretty bands and pins that are nice for weekend wear.

Claires Boutiques in Hurst, TX


By Marie H.

This store is a little cluttered and small. It is always busy and hard to get around in. I give this store a "B". They do have great clearance sales, and have very cute stuff. Me and My daughter go in but my son and husbandI usually wait outside for they think it is too girly. It would help if they had a bigger space. They have jewelry and hair accessories. You can always find great gifts for friends birthdays here. PROS: Location, All Girl Store, selection CONS:

Claires Boutiques in Pasadena, TX


By Frances P.

My husband introduced me to Claire's years ago. He and my stepkids loved shopping there and still do. It is a great place to find any kind of accessory, classic, glitzy or trendy, at reasonable prices. There is always a sale going on and you can find some great bargains. A nice place to find gifts, too!

Claires Boutiques in Las Vegas, NV


By angela m.

This store has these sales they put in bins and you dig through them. They are great sales that you can stock up on for christmas, stocking stuffers, birthdays, etc. The young kids would love this store. They have great hair pieces here and always on sale.

Claires Boutiques in Milpitas, CA


By Salma A.

Claires is a wonderful store when shopping for young girls jewellery. They have all kinds of pendants, rings, anklets, bracelets. The prices are very low. Every now and then, they have a sale of 10 items for $5 on one end of their store where they have 2-3 racks full of different jewellery. I stock up on a lot for gift giving. Do check this out the next time you are in great mall.

Claires Boutiques in Federal Way, WA


By Nicole B.

I have gotten my last two ear piercings done at this Claires Boutiques, and I have to say they do an awesome job. They always double check themselves, and always ask you questions and make sure you're doing okay. Plus they have everything that you could possibly want there. Also really good for prom jewelry, they have very elegant things.