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What Insiders are Saying about Clarks

Clarks in Milford, MA


By Kelly M.

I toured this showroom to start a kitchen project and couldn't believe all of the information I got. I just went to see the displays for ideas and ended up learning so much about who the designers are in my area, what kind of incredible appliance options I have and how to think about this whole process. I wasn't even considering Sub-Zero and Wolf and now I know so much more about what to look for in appliance features. I also found out they have a culinary center where you can cook with celebrity chefs and they have a top appliance repair business, so my fear of what happens if something goes wrong is far less than before I went. This is a gem of a place, well worth the trip. They really don't sell anything. I couldn't understand how that would work, but it's true. They sell the appliances to the dealers, not the public. Now it makes sense. Just a great resource and I highly recommend it.

Clarks in Evanston, IL


By Glenn K.

It's not a five-star dining experience but then that's not what you ought to expect walking in the door. There's a lot of good breakfast food here - used to order the Hawaiian omelette which is no longer on the menu but still available by request, it seems. The service here is slow and leaves something to be desired, but once you get a good breakfast i nfront of you that seems to matter a little less.

Clarks in Garland, KS


By shamecka n.

Personally I am not a big fan of Clark's shoe wear. Even though they are very comfortable shoes, I would be caught dead in wearing them outside of my house.

Clarks in Boulder, CO


By Joette D.

Looking for that old neighborhood shoe store expertise? Clark's Shoes are well made, stylish and the store boasts helpful, professional employess.

Clarks in Las Vegas, NM


By john a.

The soles of my Clark shoes just dropped off. I took them to Clark's in the Fashion Show Mall. A salesman said a number of people had had this problem, but he refused to exchange them , and was rather unprofessional and rude on top of all that. Buyer Beware!

Clarks in Santa Clara, CA


By David P.

Every pair of shoes that I have bought from Clarks over the years have been very cushy and comfortable for at least the first year. This store stresses comfort and for the bostonian series they use the softest materials for the inside and soft leather for the outside of the shoe so the whole thing flexes with your feet as you walk. The shoes are pricey, but when there is a sale going on you can buy one get one free (or half off). The store is easy to find in malls.

Clarks in Tukwila, WA


By Kathy L.

I love Clark's shoes, but the stock at this store seemed very expensive. It had more variety of Clark's than department stores, but I will look for my next pair on sale at Macy's or Penney's.