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What Insiders are Saying about CompUSA

CompUSA in Salem, NH


By alex y.

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CompUSA in Schaumburg, IL


By Lisa O.

The only reason I bought something here is because I could not find the product elsewhere. It was the Catch a Call which promises to let you receive calls while online. Well, that product did't hold up its end of the bargain but this is a review of CompUSA, not Catch a Call. Prices were same as everywhere else.

CompUSA in Arlington, AL


By Kevin K.

I like compusa they take competitor ads and the staff is very versed in the department that they work in they do provided rain checks when it is neccessary.

CompUSA in Westminster, CO


By Brooke H.

This store is fairly good for an electronic store. It has competitive prices with the other stores. It is not as large as some of the other electronic stores. I also had a hard time finding customer service help.

CompUSA in Sugar Land, TX


By m h.

this store speciakizes in selling computer components, so you can assemble your computer yourself. the staff is friendly and will help guide you to purcxhase exactly what you want.

CompUSA in Parsippany, NJ


By Harish K.

Very godd location of the store. Little difficult to get assiatnce from teh staff. Its very difficult if you have to retur something. Otherwise for sale Associates will guide you to their best if you could find one. PROS: None CONS: Is your choice

CompUSA in Mt Laurel, NJ


By G L.

I only like the cheap electronics stuff at this store. Otherwise, I hate them. The staff are clueless, and the rebates take forever to come if they even do. (Been waiting since October for $10) Once, when an advertised item scanned wrong, the salesclerk behind me told me that I'd get the extra I paid back in the rebate. (Please!) The prices are okay, when you get the rebates. Without them , it is ridiculous to shop here. They specialize in software and electronics. What makes them special are the rebates. You get so much stuff from there, but be patient! You may need to call the customer-service line a couple times just to get $10!

CompUSA in San Diego, CA


By Ashley C.

I love their desktops here. For me, they are one of the most reliable computer stores in town.

CompUSA in Seattle, WA


By Chris W.

Staff was helpful, knew exactly what I was talking about when I phoned, provided good directions, and cheerfully gave me price checks when items weren't marked (which was pretty common, actually). I did price comparisons with the Best Buy next door, and CompUSA was better, but I also paid twice what I'm used to paying for the same laptop equipment in South Carolina. I guess that's because I'm in the upper NW now...

CompUSA in Alexandria, AL


By Jessica G.

The products here are always cheaper than everywhere else and who prefers to pay retail? However, the price to pay is their lack of customer service skills. Since I had a bad experience here I will not shop here. The customer reps try to get personal and are very UNPROFESSIONAL. They're not courteous! Avoid Donaldvin he lacks customer skills and belittled the rest of the staff that worked there. The manager of the store was very rude, not logical, and incomprehensible. I will not shop here again!