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Cost Plus World Market merchandises furniture, pillows, lamps, floor and window coverings, frames, baskets, garden, collectibles, tabletop and kitchen accessories, along with gourmet foods and wines. Find Cost Plus World Market locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Cost Plus World Market

Cost Plus World Market in Evanston, IL


By Jonathan I.

I've visited World Market six or seven times now, and on each trip I always find unique items. While some of their products are a bit expensive, they have a large array of imported foods, home decor pieces, and cookware. This is a great store for gift shopping. If you're looking for a 'nice' gift (especially for occasions like house-warming parties) that is classy and tasteful, this is definitely the store to shop at.

Cost Plus World Market in Plano, IA


By Beth K.

I love World Market. Great place to purchase a unique gift. I love to go through the international food and make my own gift baskets. An excellent source for finding something unique. Wine selection is excellent. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful. Staff have made super recommendations. PROS: Great selection of international and unique items CONS:

Cost Plus World Market in Denver, CO


By amy c.

This is a stuff mart but if you're going to go to one, this is the one. Really interesting things to decorate the house with, great selection of internation candy and food stuffs. Great kitchen gadgets. At christmas the ornaments are the best.

Cost Plus World Market in The Woodlands, TX


By Suz G.

I absolutely love this store. You can find imported foods, furnishings, houseware, decor you name it. This is a great place to find unique or different gift items for those who can appreciate things of this sort. The location is prime location too. I visit this store quite often.

Cost Plus World Market in Las Vegas, NM


By Tim W.

This place is a great place to shop if you like special olives, nuts, candy and other special food items. Some of it is a little pricey, but they have a great selection of all kinds of stuff. They also have a decent wine selection, though that could be bigger too. I especially like the wine they have at Christmas. Not only does it taste good, the bottles are really cool.....and the price is just right for great gifts.

Cost Plus World Market in Glendale, CA


By Will B.

We were in this store just before closing, except we didn't know that it was closing as soon as it did. We decided to purchase a large piece of furniture. All the employees were so helpful and polite with the purchase. I mean everyone rallied to help with getting the purchase paid for and safely in our car. I have always gone to Cost Plus for quality and value and now I will also be returning for the excellent service to. My thanks and gratitude to the crew working Monday Nite 7/3/2006. PROS: Quality and value in merchandise. Super service. CONS:

Cost Plus World Market in Escondido, CA


By Shanthi G.

What a variety of products they offer! This store has food, wine, home dcor items among other things. What I shop here is the home dcor itemsthey have beautiful crafted items from many parts of the world.

Cost Plus World Market in Lynnwood, WA


By Justin W.

Cost Plus has great items at great prices. You can find some really nice looking high quality items here for a fraction of what you think they would cost if you just looked at them, I especially love the assortment of Christmas decor that they have during the holidays. The price of the big furniture items is really a surprise, you would not imagine the prices to be so low.

Cost Plus World Market in Alexandria, AL


By Tiffany Y.

I like the products that I find in this store. I love that they are from around the world. Prices are fairly reasonable. I had some problems with the email sign-up (online or at the in-store cashier) giving me expired offers, but the store is fun for me to visit to pick up different furniture, dishes, soaps, food, etc.

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