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Costco operates a chain of membership warehouses that offer a wide range of products from groceries to consumer electronics to jewelry. There are over 350 locations in the U.S. Find Costco locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Costco

Costco in Atlanta, GA


By Christine R.

I was quite pleased with the tire service I received at the Perimeter Costco - on several occasions. Purchased 4 new tires, then one got punctured 10-months later. They were great with informing me it was under warranty, therefore got a reduced price for the replacement tire. It's part of the territory that you have to wait a little while but it was worth what I saved by not going to the dealership or to another tire store. I found the staff to be professional, friendly and quite competent.

Costco in Nashua, IA


By Rachel J.

What's wrong with American Express? I opened a charge card with Am Ex, just so I can shop Costco when we travel in our RV. We love the quality of products offered. The Kirkland brand is wonderful the canned tuna and chicken are the best We also use our am. ex. when we dine out and buy gas 3% saved. My only wish is that we had a Costco nearer to us so that we could shop there more often.

Costco in Merrillville, IN


By Jennifer T.

This is a great wholesale club. They have one of everything at super cheap prices. From electronics, to outdoor furniture, to food, to playground equipment, to clothes, there isnt anything you cant buy here. We buy everything here: a tv, a tent, food for parties, cleaning supplies, baby diapers. The only thing Im not thrilled about is there is only one brand of each item, so if you dont like that brand youre out of luck. But the people are very friendly and on the weekends they have a ton of samples. The membership cost is low too.

Costco in Arlington, AL


By Debra D.

Costco is a great discount warehouse. They have some great prices especially on large bags of chicken breast you can bring home and split up. They have a great selection on fruit and is convient to shop here especially when your expecting a large crowd. PROS: great selection CONS:

Costco in East Hanover, NJ


By Elizabeth L.

How can you not like Costco!! Huge warehouse. Too bad it doesn't have a liquor license like Wayne NJ. Helpful staff, considerate. Difficult when you find something you like and they stop carrying it. The book and video section has really been reduced in the past year which is disappointing. Food samples are generous and helpful in choosing new products. Wonderful meat and fresh produce. Well priced although I still do better at the grocery store when items are on sale. Can't use coupons here. Bathrooms are a disgrace and always dirty and messy. Only 2 handicapped shopping carts in the entire store.

Costco in Concord, CA


By Darlene S.

Many the items I purchase at Costco were sale priced, so I signed up to be a member for only $50 and saved over $70 while shopping there, so the shopping paid for the membership! I use these BULK items only for myself, but one item (like toothpaste) lasts for one year, same with toilet paper, Kleenex, and many other items. Having storage space is very useful. Still, I shop only for myself and it is useful for I do not have to shop every weekend (without a care it is hard to shop every weekend).

Costco in Frederick, MD


By Lorri T.

This is my absolute favorite store to shop in no matter what. They have exactly what I'm looking for whether it's groceries, clothes, furniture or books/music. The prices are outstanding and the employees are SO friendly and helpful. Highly recommend!

About Costco

The first Costco store was opened in Seattle, Washington in 1983. Costco focused on selling all types of products at low prices in high volume. Most products are bulk packaged and marketed to both small businesses as well as consumers. The company merged with Price Club in 1993. Costco now has close to 500 locations worldwide.