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Costco operates a chain of membership warehouses that offer a wide range of products from groceries to consumer electronics to jewelry. There are over 350 locations in the U.S. Find Costco locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Costco

Costco in Atlanta, GA


By Christine R.

I was quite pleased with the tire service I received at the Perimeter Costco - on several occasions. Purchased 4 new tires, then one got punctured 10-months later. They were great with informing me it was under warranty, therefore got a reduced price for the replacement tire. It's part of the territory that you have to wait a little while but it was worth what I saved by not going to the dealership or to another tire store. I found the staff to be professional, friendly and quite competent.

Costco in Niles, IL


By Mary C.

Buying a Costco membership is the best thing my boyfriend and I have done. Buying things in bulk has paid back big time. Plus, there are plenty of items here that you can't get cheaper anywhere like tons of DVDs and books. I highly recommend this Costco. There is plenty of parking and the lines have never been too bad here. I prefer it over Sam's Club.

Costco in Rockwall, TX


By midoli f.

We always enjoy the atmosphere in here. It's such a pleasant experience to shop here, especially their friendly smile and eager to assist our needs. We love Costco, especailly the one at RockWall. Thank you, Costco @ Rockwall..

Costco in Westminster, CA


By Krysti H.

I love Costco. I do prefer them over Sams Club. The items sold at this paticular Costco though are really different for some reason. They carry a lot of unusual or hard to find items. Like I use a special brand of flour and it is hard to find at the grocery store. Guess what? Costco had it here. Yes they are great and cheap. They are less packed than the local sams club too!

Costco in Henderson, AR


By A W.

Don't try to call....They NEVER answer any listed numbers! Most of the time, you get a fax line or they will answer and hang up. However my experience today is that they just let it ring.

Costco in Garden Grove, CA


By Michelle T.

Costco has always been my family's favorite store. Their items are reasonable or sometimes cheap for wholesale price. Costco has everything from electronics ,outdoor and cooking supplies and food from their bakery and their refrigerators. The store changes their items weekly so its best to come every week . The employees are friendly, efficient and always there to offer assistance. Overall, this costco is a great environment to go shopping for whether its food, electronics, clothes are to save yourself from boredom. Costco has everything and free food ;)

Costco in Brick, NJ


By Julie S.

I absolutely adore this Costco. Costco has everything and anything you could ever need: furntiure, t.v.'s, computers, laptops, phones, cell phones, cameras, an optical service center, tires for your car, office supplies, kitchen ware, clothing, food, drinks, games, beauty products, seasonal decorations, jewelery, flowers and plants, etc.. The prices are unbeatable and the products are sold in bulk. To purchase anything at costco, you need a membership card. And costco only takes American Express, cash, or checks.

Costco in Mount Laurel, NJ


By Genevieve D.

This company must be great to work for as I have never met such nice and happy employees! Nice to see sincere smiling faces going in and going out. Can't beat the food court for a quick lunch. Also have better prices then anywhere else for items. Get all my vitamins there at terrific prices. I also buy all my appliances/electronics at Costco. Great on-line shopping as well. Avoid weekends---large crowds then. I also get my tires there at a big savings.

Costco in San Diego, CA


By Hung N.

The mother of all wholesale stores, Costco is a great place to basically buy everything any normal family would need to survive (for months). Everything sold is in overstock and sold at super low prices, as long as you want to buy them all. The only problem is the cashiers, which sometimes get kind of lengthy and cause problems, but at that price, its something I can manage.

Costco in Fife, WA


By Susan K.

I really love this wholesale club. I always spend too much, but I always find "just what I was looking for!!". The best place to buy diapers, wipies, trashbags, anything you use a lot of.

Costco in Frederick, MD


By Lorri T.

This is my absolute favorite store to shop in no matter what. They have exactly what I'm looking for whether it's groceries, clothes, furniture or books/music. The prices are outstanding and the employees are SO friendly and helpful. Highly recommend!

About Costco

The first Costco store was opened in Seattle, Washington in 1983. Costco focused on selling all types of products at low prices in high volume. Most products are bulk packaged and marketed to both small businesses as well as consumers. The company merged with Price Club in 1993. Costco now has close to 500 locations worldwide.

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