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What Insiders are Saying about Countrywide Home Loans

Countrywide Home Loans in Mcdonough, GA


By Jennifer Marie P.

I have had Country Wide for 7 years now. They have been the nicest people. When we first got them as a Home loan, not many people had heard about them. But they are very well know now. And for good reasons, they offer some of the best loans out there. When we refinannced we stayed with them. They are very fast at processing paper work. And last time I checked still havnt sent their 1800 over seas lol So your not gonna get someone on the phone who dont know what your saying lol PROS: Very Friendly & Reliable Company CONS: Wish their were more & closer offices.

Countrywide Home Loans in Lewisville, TX


By Dennis T.

I've been doing business with Countrywide for about 10 years now. They used to have an office in Denton but it went away. Not sure why. That's a lost opportunity. It is sad they will now fall under Bank of America but the rich get richer, right. The service at Countrywide nationally for me has been perfect and I recommend them to everyone.

Countrywide Home Loans in Las Vegas, NM


By Basil Z.

This company buys up loans from other lenders. They buy the loans that are low end income ones. Then they wait. As soon as your payment is late they foreclose and steal your home. When they send a certified letter it comes as RECONTRUST which you have never heard of because you get a letter saying pay countrywide. When you dont go pick up your letter at the post office, they sell your house at auction. They are doing this so much they actually opened offices here. If you ask anyone at the recorders office or western union they will tell you the same thing!

Countrywide Home Loans in Fullerton, CA


By Sameer B.

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Countrywide Home Loans in Seattle, WA


By Shane H.

Countrywide has the amazing ability to hide fees in places you would never think to look. Don't believe everything they tell you, you can get stuck with a high rate and a poor quality loan. PROS: National CONS: Rates, Fees, Customer Service