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What Insiders are Saying about Curves

Curves in Somerset, CA


By Chris l.

You can come in for 3 days a week to workout it is a nice place but its only 3 days and it does give a women enough time or energy to lose it fast enoguh so I went to a real gym and go 30 min a day and find it better for me to do it this way it is fun and gives my freetime. This place teaches you how to eat right as well.

Curves in Wheat Rdg, CO


By Raina S.

I joined this Curves in August. I just love the staff,they are really helpful.It is a great place to workout.

Curves in Las Vegas, NM


By Nicole B.

This place has really helped me get into shape. I feel a lot better about myself. I can now look in the mirror and just see fat everywhere. The people are very supportive.

Curves in Hellertown, PA


By Nancy S.

This Hellertown Curves has the most friendly staff of all the Curves for Women work out locations I've been to. (and I've been to plenty) They are friendly and make you feel like part of their Curves Family!

Curves in San Marcos, CA


By Tamie A.

Want to start going to the gym but are nervous to be around a bunch of buff guys (or girls for that matter)! curves is very down to earth....come as you are and get to where you want to be is how I see it! There's people from all fitness levels'll totally feel 'at home'!

Curves in Alexandria, AL


By Jill Z.

In my experience, Curves has been an efficient, and enjoyable way to get some circuit training into my day while catching up with friendsold and new. It is also conveniently on my way home from work, so it works for me.