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What Insiders are Saying about Curves

Curves in Woodstock, AL


By Jeanine E.

Lora,Melissa and Tammy, I have been there for almost a year and the staff of this Curves are very positive,encouraging and wonderful I always enjoy my time when I work out Thank You Ladies

Curves in Somerset, CA


By Chris l.

You can come in for 3 days a week to workout it is a nice place but its only 3 days and it does give a women enough time or energy to lose it fast enoguh so I went to a real gym and go 30 min a day and find it better for me to do it this way it is fun and gives my freetime. This place teaches you how to eat right as well.

Curves in Irving, IL


By lorynn r.

Looking for a new way to workout? Curves offers a unique excersize program for women where you alternate several different machines. It gives you a workout for your entire body instead of just focusing on certain areas. They also have meetings and trainers that you can ask anything. You will certainly make friends too - support is highly recommended. The prices are a little high but wait until they have a great deal after Thanksgiving or after New Years.

Curves in Wheat Rdg, CO


By Raina S.

I joined this Curves in August. I just love the staff,they are really helpful.It is a great place to workout.

Curves in Houston, AK


By Melinda A.

Curves on Jones Road is a great place to do a 30 minute workout. The ladies who work there greet with with a friendly smile. The place is very clean and organize. The other clients there are friendly and supportive. I would recommend this Curves over others I have been to.

Curves in Las Vegas, NM


By Nicole B.

This place has really helped me get into shape. I feel a lot better about myself. I can now look in the mirror and just see fat everywhere. The people are very supportive.

Curves in Jamaica, IA


By Dawn M.

I really like curves. As a female this is the best place to go. They only have females so you don't have to worry about other men trying to hit on you.

Curves in El Cajon, CA


By Catherine T.

I have been a Curves member in El Cajon for a few months now and have been so pleased with the entire experience! The staff is awesome and encouraging, greeting you by name and making you feel comfortable. It is an all women environment and for anyone who feels self-conscious working out in front of men, it makes for a very relaxing atmosphere, where you feel like you can just be yourself. The clientele varies in age, from teenagers to senior citizens and it is great to see so many different age groups working out and getting/staying healthy!

Curves in Brentwood, CA


By Sue E.

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Curves in Kent, CT


By Verna R.

I am a very shy-quiet person. I am so afraid of working out with others or having workers be around em when I am working out. At Curves I feel like I am at home. No one judges you. They don't swarm around you and they especially don't stare at you. But they are there when you need them. They make you feel welcome and treat you like you are some one. This is the first time I have ever felt comfortable in any work out place in my life. I would recommend Curves in Kent to everyone. I truly enjoy it there.

Curves in Parkville, MD


By dorothy b.

What a wonderful experience I have when I embarked on the Curves membership. It helped me with discipline. The workout and the staff*Valerie and Dawn**,encouraged me, each time I saw them. I relearned some habits, had lots of laughter and shared with the other ladies. I lost 10 lbs. The staff is wonderful. Anytime you need help they are always there. If you forget something about the machines, whether it is how to operate them or what muscles I was working, I felt comfortable to ask them. I say to myself, Keep up the good work and I say to the staff ***thank you and keep up the good work, You have been very beneficial ito me in the job you do. *****I thank Dawn and Vale for the valuable encouragement I received. I am on the road to a New Beginnings, a new road and a new life. Hello to a new Me.. Dorothy

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