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What Insiders are Saying about Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen in Lake Station, IN


By Pamela L.

My family & I are addicted to Boston Shakes!! This is a neat little small town ice cream place, tiny with nice teenagers working there. They have a really cute little area to sit and eat . PROS: It's all good! CONS: How can ice cream have any cons??

Dairy Queen in North Las Vegas, NV


By Luis S.

Best DQ in Las Vegas!!! :) Like this new concept Dairy Queen (DQ) Grill and Chill that has foods, ice cream, and smoothie. I am in Vegas once a year and got to stop by this place every time.

Dairy Queen in Anaheim, CA


By Maria B.

Clean place, fast service, friendly personnel, beautiful cakes. Definately a place to visit. I would recommend it to anybody interested in ice cream cakes.

Dairy Queen in San Diego, CA


By Jackie K.

If you're in the mood for soft serve ice cream, I'd definitely recommend going to DQ for a blizzard, sundae, or even just a regular dipped cone. There's nothing like soft serve ice cream to satisfy your sweet tooth & the mix in combination's are creative and plentiful.

Dairy Queen in Herndon, KS


By Diane D.

If you are in the market for a great banana split -- this is the place to go. Located downtown in the middle of Herndon, this establishment has a lot of local flair. Owners hire local high school students to provide many of them with their first jobs. Great customer service too!!! Highly recommended....