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What Insiders are Saying about David's Bridal

David's Bridal in Nashua, NH


By meghan l.

People really need to consider how it feels being a weeding consultant at davids bridal rather then bashing them about things they "think" they should be doing. First off why the he'll are you bringing eight people with you to try on dresses??....its unexceptable it causes to much traffic and no one ever moves! There to busy going omg jane that looks sooo good!..no it doesn't now get out of the way! No body cares!!! Its rude and most of all ignorant to think that bringing that many people with you is acceptable.Not only do u have to clean up the entire mess after she tries on dresses just for an idea or for "fun", but you have to smile while her little monster of a child runs around making an even bigger mess!, so while your making a huge mess for your consultant to clean while you try on dresses your not even intersted in you can only wonder why they get fustrated! Its a lot of working carrying all those dresses, be respectful and don't try something on that you don't like because your divorces four time best friend wants to see how it looks.

David's Bridal in Schaumburg, IL


By Jo S.

Some if the worst, meanest and rudest customer service I've ever seen!!! They only reason I'm giving two stars instead of one is because the Girl that helped with my sister's wedding dress was very helpful. I want to point out that I've worked in customer service for 10+ years, and I've never felt like I was treated so bad! It was mainly the (I did't get her name) lady that was in charge of bridesmaid and special occasion dresses. She was rude (almost angry) and very short with every question we asked. Not only was she rude to the bridesmaids, but she was so rude to the bride she couldn't even think strait! I've never seen so much rudeness and unprofessionalism! My sister (the bride) is extremely polite and friendly to all employees that work with her and should never be treated this way. You're better off in the Chicago David's Bridal. Ask for Jesslyn and Mneka (in Chicago) they're Sweet, helpful and great at their job.

David's Bridal in Lewisville, TX


By Former E.

The best David's Bridal location to visit is in Plano. The location in Plano is high end and classy. This location in Lewisville is sister to Target on a dollar day or Downtown Farmers Market. The managers are low class, frightened and afraid. Go to Plano and save yourself a hundred headaches. Also, FYI, the one review from 2005 that is featured on this Lewisville location is written by a local store employee.

David's Bridal in Aurora, CO


By Lacey R.

I was a little hesitant to walk into David's Bridal after reading some bad online reviews but the location was close to me and they had the plus sizes I'd need in stock. I am SO glad I didn't pass them up! Me and my bridesmaid were greeted right away and set up with a consultant immediately. She was a dream come true. Very knowledgeable, friendly, sensitive to our style and budget concerns and full of creative and helpful ideas. And my dress was in my size, flattering, and ready that day! Absolutely wonderful experience. I'll be referring my friends here.

David's Bridal in Henderson, NV


By yoly r.

i got a ok price on my dress which was great.... But the manager AShley was sooo rude she needs customer service experience..... They didn't have the right color veil I purchased so she tried to give me an old one that everyone used I told her that I had paid forma new one not a used one and she insisted for me to take it and I said noooo so finally she called another store which I had to pick up and it took me 40min to get there and did not offer any compensation or anything... I didn't like Davids bridal policy about no returns whatsoever buyers beware.... I will not recommend Davids bridal to anyone.

David's Bridal in Brea, CA


By Silvia M.

I agreed with the first reviewer as far as the inventory selection goes. But as for the high prices.... I don't think so. $300 to $400 for a weeding dress these days is not a lot. But, if you think it is, you could go to Los Angeles...

David's Bridal in Long Island City, NY


By Dawn M.

They sell some beautiful wedding gowns. The staff are friendly when you can get help. They need more employees to assist customers. You are only allowed to try on 3 dresses per appointment which I think it is insane.

David's Bridal in Maple Shade, NJ


By megan h.

David's Bridal depends on what you are looking for. They have a large selection of dresses and accessories for all occasions and all sizes. I found the sales staff to be a bit overbearing and felt as though they were trying to make a sale, rather then help you find your perfect wedding gown. I had much better luck at a smaller boutique that was not a sales based chain.

David's Bridal in San Diego, CA


By Susy F.

Purchased my beautiful wedding dress here for a decent price. Also got bridesmaids dresses here. Don't just show up... you have to make an appointment so you'll get the attention you deserve. Overall, an okay experience!

David's Bridal in Tacoma, WA


By Kayla C.

I was so disappointed by my visit today! A total of 45 minutes was spent in there without one employee offering assitance!! My mother and I went in to look for a MOB dress, for my wedding. We didnt have an appt, but the greeter at the front said we could look around and when we needed a fitting room she would get us started. Well, we looked at dresses for 10 minutes and picked out 2 for her to try on, with no help from employees, and then got our fititng room. We went the entire time without being helped-no one offered assistance or even asked how we were doing. My mother had to leave fitting room in one of their dresses, to ask for help with a zipper. The woman couldnt help and didnt offer to get someone who could. So 5min later i go to the checkout area to ask for help and wait another 5min before i'm even awknowledged. A 2nd woman finally asked if i'd been helped! I told her that no one has offered help and she snapped and said that she was in a backroom where she cant see customers.well she was able to get an alterations emplyee to come over, who also didnt help. She said the zipper was replacable but didnt reccomend it and that there were no bigger sizes...Well guess what, I went looking and found a bigger size. We finally found a dress my mom liked and one that fit, but by that point we weren't giving this store any money. Terrible customer service and rude employees. Thers no way I'm giving this store money, when they havent even earned it.

David's Bridal in Springfield, VA


By Anna R.

I fell in love with David's Bridal in Springfield because of a bridal sales consultant named Keely. She calmed my nerves and helped me see the direction I should go in for a dress.She makes being a future bride the fun experience it should be.You need to call and schedule an appointment with her,that way you should not have to wait. I have already suggested my friends do this and they are looking forward to going.Keely always wears a flower.You will be glad you "picked:"her!

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