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What Insiders are Saying about Days Inn

Days Inn in Las Vegas, NM


By Michael T.

This place has quite a bit of beggars, vagrants, and homeless people in the parking lots and in the casino. It is so small I can't believe they actually call this a casino. Save your money and time.

Days Inn in Allentown, GA


By Susan K.

This hotel is your typical Days Inn. You get what you pay for. The place was clean which is always a plus. The pool is covered and was functioning which was nice. However you really smelled the chlorine. To spend the night it was fine just to crash in a bed.

Days Inn in Encinitas, CA


By Marcie B.

It's a basic place to stay, not that expensive, but not that great either. It was clean but the room was small and the interstate is noisy. The good news is that you won't want to spend much time here since you're close to Encinitas. The beach was maybe a half mile away and the Coaster stop is even closer

Days Inn in Colonial Beach, VA


By Caren H.

This hotel is located on the Potomac River, but is oddly situated on the lot so that you do not get a good view of the river. The room was unclean, having just looked like it was partied in. My in-laws were appalled. PROS: Only chain hotel in Colonial Beach CONS: Dirty rooms