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What Insiders are Saying about Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods in Schaumburg, IL


By Sue W.

Dick'a has everything in store. This is a place the whole family can go. They have rock climbing and many other great accessories and equipment for sports. Their clothes are really nice and at a low price as well. They also have a wide variety of shoes.

Dick's Sporting Goods in Frisco, CO


By Carolyn M.

Galyan's is relatively new to Texas, but already they've carved out a solid niche in the sporting goods world. Galyan's is a two-story oasis of sports equipment and fun shop. Inside you'll find a rock-climbing wall at the center of the store. Here, rock climbers young and old show off their skills in front of shoppers. The store has everything for every sport and a wealth of clothing that rivals any department store. A knowledgeable staff is another highlight of this sportsman's paradise.

Dick's Sporting Goods in Littleton, CO


By Dan K.

Dicks Sporting Goods is a HUGE sports store that has anything you possibly need. From Cleats to Golf Clubs, you can find anything to satisfy your athletic side.

Dick's Sporting Goods in Princeton, AL


By Deborah O.

Each time I've gone in for something in particular they have courteously helped me out. Clean and well run, I always enjoy shopping here. I recommend this store for a wide range of sporting needs.

Dick's Sporting Goods in Oceanside, CA


By Darla N.

If you are looking for sporting goods, this is the place to go. They seem to have everything I need everytime I go there. And the prices are reasonable.

Dick's Sporting Goods in Cockeysville, MD


By kim t.

My Husband gets alot of his golfing stuff here. They have some great deals and their stuff is high quality nice stuff for great prices. They carry lots of other things to but thats mostly what we go there for.