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Discount Auto Parts in Las Vegas, NM


By James S.

One of the worst experiences ever. They kept my car in their shop for two weeks while I had to rent a car in the meantime. When I finally got my car back it was suppose to be running correctly. It turned out to be in worse shape than before I dropped it off. The mechanics did not wash their hands while driving the vehicle nor did they wash the door interior prior to handing it over to me. It would be in your best financial interest to steer clear of these guys. I actually recieved multiple personal warnings from other people around town but it was too late. I will probably end up taking this business to small claims court before this mess is finished. A day after I got my car back I ended up taking it to another higher rated competitor on this site and they really saved me. It only took them three days instead of two weeks and they got the job done the first time. PROS: The fact that I am warning you so you don't make my mistake CONS: Poor management, poor service, rude customer service, and many more