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What Insiders are Saying about Dollar General

Dollar General in Canton, CT


By francis n.

excellent store,helpfull and attentive,would recomend this store to anyone.This maybe a small country store but this store made up for it in customer service!

Dollar General in Crest Hill, IL


By The whole group H.

This store has awesome prices good selection on all house hold needs great price on diapers and cleaning supplies CLOTHING THIS IS WHERE I GET ALOT OF MY KIDS CHRISTMAS TOYS and all their stocking stuffers i have a family of 8 and this place fits my families budget well PROS: CONS: none

Dollar General in Cleveland, AL


By Geri B.

I love this store. They always have such good deals. Sales all the time. I bought 2 childrens oufits for $2.00 each. the store is clean and the employees are very friendly and very helpful. Their location is good and good parking.

Dollar General in Troy, AL


By Betty G.

I love to browse Dollar General stores. They have great buys and finds. The store is clean and has helpful staff. You can find something for the entire family. Great buys on paper products.

Dollar General in Pearl River, LA


By Joan R.

First off, the name of this store is a bit confusing. It's not a dollar store. There are some good deals to be found, but not as many as you'd think in a store of this type. If you plan to use coupons, be sure to set aside an extra 15 -20 minutes of your time as there's bound to be some sort of problem at the register. I'm not sure if it's lack of training or a problem with the registers but 9 out of 10 times I can't get through a transaction using coupons without some sort of problem. While the savings are nice, it's really quite a challenge dealing with some of the staff of this store. I do shop there for some bargains, but don't look forward to it!

Dollar General in Bensalem, PA


By Jasmine A.

Unlike most dollar store, I've found this place to have a suprising selection. They have a lot of things that you always need but can never find. Of course fabulous prices, and the people seem quite nice.

Dollar General in Brentwood, CA


By Paul B.

Centro-mart is a convenient alternative if you live close to one. It serves as a large grocery mart with all the items you would normally find at your common grocery stores (i.e. Safeway, Lucky). The only thing I would watch for though are the highly perishable items like milk, juice, etc. as they are dated to expire sooner than the big name stores. In addition, the location is not your ideal spot which is pretty run down and the inside looks like it could use some renovations.

Dollar General in Fredericksburg, IA


By sapphire s.

i like this biz because the cashiers always ask how you are doing and most know me by name wonderful customer services and they ask about your family and how they are doing. very kind and patient warm people helpful in every way. try there very best to order the right amount of stuff when out of stock they get in back in a couple days later PROS: awesome CONS: kinda small store