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What Insiders are Saying about Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree in Norcross, GA


By Tammy D.

This is honestly the best dollar store I have ever been in. It is huge & has quite a variety of items. They always have holiday items for decorating or class parties. The greeting cards are 2 for $1. You can even stock up on some food items. It's great for picking up a quick snack. The employees have always been nice.

Dollar Tree in Fall River, KS


By James G.

I don't know about you, but I love going into dollar tree. You can get the cutest little decorations for your home, small gifts, gift wrapping, household cleaning supplies, some clothing, toys, and alot more. This store is somewhat large and has a lot to offer. Nice people working here too.

Dollar Tree in Euless, TX


By Bill C.

I go here for cheap paint brushes, sponges, etc. They have really good prices on some things, though I wouldn't buy anything you plan on using for awhile.

Dollar Tree in Denver, CO


By A C.

Store # 3188 Very poor treatment by store manager. I'd never been addressed and treated as if I was a tried criminal and trouble-maker for walking in and asking to borrow the bathroom - and before taking a basket and shopping at that. On this occasion I was addressed as if I was in need of being set straight and given some 'tough love'. I was talked down to, educated on how things were and would be, and offered permission to take my business elsewhere - All prior to making it past the checkout stands and into the main store area, and because I refused to leave my personal belongings (a backpack w/laptop, chargers, and library book, a transparent store bag w/2 bed pillows, and a purse) up front, where I was told they'd not be taken responsibility for but had to be left if I wanted to use the store bathroom. 'No Merchandise' means, universally, no unpaid-for store merchandise - not personal belongings or merchandise bought and paid for from other businesses. No Dollar Tree, including this one prior to this occasion, had ever been so arrogant and apparently assumptive of intentions. This manager, after making sure I knew how it would be and that I was "welcome to take your [my] business elsewhere" appeared to me to be quite proud of his sense of authority and power. He even made a point, when I looked to get his name, to tell me it was Nick and pointed to it on his name tag. Not as if to accommodate, but as if challenging me to dare to think I might have any right to expect customer service from a provider hoping to get and retain customer business. The whole event felt like an opportunity taken by a less than confident company employee to pump himself up by pushing someone else down. Especially when considering that customers walk in with backpacks, purses, and other merchandise, toss it all in store baskets, and then go up and down aisles of merchandise - much greater opportunity for questionable motives, if they did exist, than simply taking your own possessions, with no basket or store merchandise, into a bathroom. This store may be walking distance from the house, and it may have been a source for both personal and work supplies, but, as was suggested to me by this manager, I will take my business elsewhere.

Dollar Tree in Pasadena, CA


By C A.

This is one of the cleanest dollar stores. They have so many things that you would expect to pay more for any other place. Gift bags, gift cards, all kinds of items to please everyone. It is nice and clean and well stocked. PROS: What a deal! CONS:

Dollar Tree in North Las Vegas, NV


By Diana L.

It's clean and everything is a dollar. Parking is convenient. It's great for picking up party items for kids parties. They have a great variety of toys that are perfect for the grab bags you do for kid parties. They also have a good selection of plastic crates/bowls/baskets. It's not big and messy like the 99 cent stores.

Dollar Tree in Carlsbad, CA


By Teresa L.

I really like this store even though it's farther from me than others. There are usually more cashiers available and it's a larger store so there is more selection. You do have to buy things when you see them as the next time you come back they might not have them.

Dollar Tree in Santa Rosa, CA


By Erica H.

This store provides a TON of items for the low cost of one dollar. I love how organized and helpful the staff are. You can buy things like cosmetics, tupperware, school supplies, and more. There's a wonderful canned food aisle, and even candy galore. It's in a great neighborhood, and right by a Safeway. Definitely worth a trip if you want to get the most out of your buck.

Dollar Tree in Auburn, AL


By Deb A.

I love the Dollar Tree in Auburn. The store is clean, well stocked, and the value of stuff you are buying is the same as you would buy from any other department store (Target, Wallyworld) in the "cheap" category. I made Christmas jars filled with candy this year for my customers, they have some awesome glass mugs, which I filled with candy and tied with pretty ribbon and bells, and my customers were thrilled with the results, making them for less than $5.00 each. They turned out beautiful. Even gave some to my vendors, the best thing about Christmas is surprising people with presents that they were not expecting!

Dollar Tree in Sterling, AK


By Julie H.

This Dollar Tree is the most organized, is very clean,and has a great variety for a dollar store. The manager is always available and helpful when you need something. I would recommend this Dollar tree to anyone in our area. I have been to a lot (some I was NOT given the time of day when I asked for help) and I am very impressed with this particular store.