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What Insiders are Saying about Dress Barn

Dress Barn in Tewksbury, MA


By Kathy B.

I looked high and low for an outfit for an afternoon wedding for my fiance's daughter and could find nothing until I went to Dress Barn. I found a beautiful outfit--which cost significantly less than any of the department stores. It was very flattering to my size 12 figure and I received so many compliments. I bought my shoes there to go with the outfit, pantyhose and even a necklace and earring set and bracelet at the store which complimented the outfit perfectly and I still receive a lot of compliments on the jewelry every time I wear it. I'm not the type to fish for compliments, but we all worry about how we look and want to present a good image to the world. Its nice to hear the feedback and know we did a good job. I work full time and need professional looking clothes for work. Anytime I want to save time and get exactly what I need, I go to Dress Barn because they have a lot of beautiful clothes that fit. The staff is always helpful and friendly. I'm heading there today for a dress to wear out tonight--can't wait to see the renovated store and the new clothes!

Dress Barn in Hodgkins, IL


By Marylyn B.

I purchased a blouse but it didn't fit right when I got home. The Dressbarn employees called their Downers Grove store and put the same blouse and a larger size on hold. It completed an outfit (skirt, jacket, etc.) for a long weekend away with my husband.

Dress Barn in Irving, IL


By Betty B.

Very professional environment the clothes are magnificently arranged throughout the store the colors are in array when I walk in I want to buy every single outfit the colors draw you into them and it is truly the store for the woman in style thanks Dress Barn I love ya !!!

Dress Barn in Greenwood Village, CO


By julie c.

Nicole is a wonderful customer service salesperson. She goes the extra mile!! I was looking for a new fall coat and she is calling the denver stores for me

Dress Barn in Houston, AK


By C J.

Always have what me and my daughters need. Usually when you enter store, there is always new items and store manager always assist with choosing right colors for skin tone or whatever the occasion may be. She keep me and my daughter informed of new products and upcoming sales and specials. This is the most friendly staff including manager. Always welcome customers with warm smile, and lot of patience. Very knowledgeable of merchandise and most comfortable in representing their product. "That's what I am talking about", "First Class Uptown-scaled Service Representatives". I like the idea that the manager and staff address each customer by name when entering store, and if name isn't known, they make sure they know before that customer leave their establishment. "I Love that special well mannered disposition". I could make my visit to Dress Barn an all day "Girl's Day-Out Field Trip". Never shop any other Dress Barn, accept Highway 6 in Katy, Texas.

Dress Barn in Las Vegas, NM


By Mari Lu g.

I was shopping in your Dressbarn store at Las Vegas Outlet center. Your employees where very kind especially Teresa Remington, she helped me in the store and made my shopping experience easier. The store was neat and easy to go through. I would recommend the store to my friends and family. Thank you M.L. Gonzales

Dress Barn in Cerritos, CA


By Tina D.

Hello I am looking for Item # 0598125 SN8 Dept 95 size xlarge, 2 White Blouse, sale price $29.99 pls let me know if your store has these items. Thank you.

Dress Barn in Westwood, CA


By Lorraine M.

I just love this store!! Very helpful staff and a fantastic selection of clothes, from Petite to Plus!! I saw three generations there at once, and all of the ladies got some great finds!! There just isn't a good reason to drive any distance to shop.

Dress Barn in Woodbury, CT


By Joanne S.

Dress Barn is a nice place to shop for those who's jobs require them to dress professionally every day. They offer many different styles of dress wear, from the very dressy to the casual dressy type. Don't let the name fool you, they do carry dress pants and shirts. I do although think that their prices are a bit on the high side.

Dress Barn in Alpine, AL


By Sue B.

I lucked upon a Dress Barn years ago in Anthem, AZ. I've bought blouses, slacks, dresses, and shoes. Good quality, good price. The store at Viejas has a GREAT staff. They have been VERY accommodating and I would highly recommend them.

Dress Barn in North Bend, NE


By Jilinda A.

I can usually find what I'm looking for here. They have a mix of dress and casual looks that can fit almost every situation and span a few generations. I can even bring my mother here to find something for her.

Dress Barn in Arlington, AL


By Grace M.

I really like this store so much. The employees are very nice and very helpful. They know cloths really well and greet you at the door. I always shop at this dress barn it is the only store I can find what I want. Thank you and please let the staff know how well there doing. Grace Morse

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