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What Insiders are Saying about DSW Shoe Warehouse

DSW Shoe Warehouse in Dedham, IA


By Emily S.

To any person who walks into DSW, the majority of the shoes will seem ugly. But the fact is that "majority" still leaves close to 100 pairs of shoes that may indeed strike any person's fancy. Its amazing to see rows upon rows upon rows of shoes, in every color, style, trend, or designer. They have real name brands, not knock offs, and most of the styles are affordable for anyone with an income. None of the shoes are payless- priced, but they are all quality and will stand the test of time.

DSW Shoe Warehouse in Dallas, GA


By Katherine B.

My grandson was in a dance competition, and this was the hotel we stayed at. It was quite nice, especially since it is next to the highway. The staff (there were two men) was excellent, and the breakfast was satisfying. We were sad about the pool not being heated as we were told, but overall a great experience.

DSW Shoe Warehouse in Houston, AK


By tamara o.

Tous is in a great location! With an easy to find store. They have a great selection and you can't go wrong when purchasing an item from Tous. The people who work there are very helpful.

DSW Shoe Warehouse in Henderson, NV


By cassie y.

this is one of the store i love to go to when i am looking for shoes. they have all types of shoes for men n women. it's like heaven to us girls. ahaha.

DSW Shoe Warehouse in Alhambra, CA


By Robert A.

i got what i paid for when i got a room for 62 dollars a night in alhambra it was clean and comfortable. i had a good nights sleep and a slice of bread in the morning

DSW Shoe Warehouse in Smithtown, NY


By Candice C.

I love this shoe store! There are TONS of shoes to choose from. The prices and variety simply cannot be beaten. The staff at this location is fantastic. There is also plenty of parking. I found my wedding shoes here! PROS: great prices, terrific staff, TONS of shoes to choose from CONS: NONE

DSW Shoe Warehouse in Newark, DE


By JoAnn D.

this store is relativly new. Very large store with ALOT of space to browse. Workers are their to help you, although very little help is needed. Talk about a very LARGE variety of shoes. Wow! They have tons of shoes/boots/sandals/sneakers to choose from. They also have a very nice size area for men's shoes, as well as, a big variety of discounted shoes. One of my best experiences at a shoe store. PROS: Clean, Big, Large Variety CONS:

DSW Shoe Warehouse in San Diego, CA


By Angela M.

Love this place! It's the equivalent of the Japanese .99 cent store! Only, everything is $1.50...I think the prices have gone up to about $1.80 (Hey, times are tough in this economy). But I come here for just about anything--gift bags, knick knacks, plates/dinnerware, etc. etc. It's a mini convenience store with A-MAZING prices!

DSW Shoe Warehouse in Colonial Beach, VA


By Caren H.

This hotel is located on the Potomac River, but is oddly situated on the lot so that you do not get a good view of the river. The room was unclean, having just looked like it was partied in. My in-laws were appalled. PROS: Only chain hotel in Colonial Beach CONS: Dirty rooms

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