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What Insiders are Saying about EB Games

EB Games in Dawsonville, GA


By Chris R.

Model store for their district. With the volume of customers they receive and the excellent customer service they render they have been the preferred location to by games and consoles these past few years. Honest gaming critic and great knowledge of what they are subject matter experts in!! These guys are great!!!

EB Games in Chicago, IL


By Amber F.

I love this place. I found everything I was looking for under 5 minutes. It's cheap too! The employees were rather helpful as well, and the game stock was pretty good!

EB Games in Denver, CO


By mike j.

phone number'???? not sure if this listing is helpful. I do marketing:" mike@mountaintimedesign.com

EB Games in Houston, TX


By Kenny B.

EB Games has every game you can think of, My husband loves this place, this is the only place he buys games for his PS 2. I have picked up a few kids games here too. The prices are decent, They have a big selection. The staff are great, but to few. I recommend this place if your looking for any new game. Just be patient when it comes to checking out!

EB Games in Las Vegas, NM


By Emmanuel C.

i love this place they have a very knowledgable staff and have every game you would ever want. they also have a great program where you can trade in you old games and system for cash or store credit. everytime i need a game i go there and i recommend that you go there as well.

EB Games in Los Angeles, CA


By Amy F.

Not being a hardcore gamer, I don?t really know how well EBX steps up for the needs of the die-hard fan. However, they seem to have everything in stock and would order whatever you need. EBX is a goldmine for the casual gamer, though, as they have a large inventory of previously owned games for sale. The prices for the used games are often exceptionally low, especially if the game is more than six months old. You can get great year-old games for as low as under $10. The best part is that all the used games are guaranteed; if they don?t work for some reason, EBX will exchange them with a new copy of the game. The salespeople there are consistently friendly and helpful without being obtrusive, and they always seem to know their stuff. Ask about their discount card program. PROS: Great selection, low prices on used games CONS:

EB Games in Philadelphia, PA



i bought several games from eb games and the very friendly clerk there gave me a great discount and recommended other games that i might like. excellent place

EB Games in Bowie, MD


By Jane P.

This is one of a chain. Selling video games & DVD's. We buy used games from them, sometimes selling/trading games we no longer like/use as well. We have a 10% off used games discount card we feel was a good deal (we buy games quite often!!). The staff is knowledgeable and ready, willing, and able to help as well.

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