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What Insiders are Saying about Einstein Bros Bagels

Einstein Bros Bagels in Duluth, GA


By Jewel K.

We use them at least quarterly for staff and visitor breakfast functions and they deliver quality at all times. Staff is always courteous and helpful and food always prepared as requested and delicious.

Einstein Bros Bagels in Wayland, IA


By Sasha D.

great bagels and salads. some of the best staff at any restaurant/ cafe I know. local place, quick service, lots of seating, and always fresh and tasty.

Einstein Bros Bagels in Lake In The Hls, IL


By Jacqui C.

I love Einstein Bros Bagels. They have great service and amazing bagels and cream cheese combos. I've never been to a bagel place that offers more variety. My favorite is their cinnamon sugar bagel with honey almond cream cheese. This place is a must for great bagels.

Einstein Bros Bagels in Dallas, GA


By Jordan R.

The best bagels I have ever eaten. The place is clean and the service is fast! I've never had any problem with my order. There is so much to choose from. The staff is awesome there.

Einstein Bros Bagels in Denver, CO


By Les P.

Einstein Bagles at 18th and Franklin in Denver is great. The staff is friendly and very fast to get your order complete. Matt and Mike are great guy's. They always make you feel welcome and like you are part of a family. I go out of my way in the morning to get my coffee and strudel at this great place. Best way to start my day!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike should have a management position with this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Einstein Bros Bagels in Houston, AK


By Diane J.

I ate my first Einstein bagel in Caifornia years ago and used to take my grandkids there every Saturday am. Best bagels anywhere and their caramel rolls and muffins are incredible.

Einstein Bros Bagels in Las Vegas, NM


By Chad I.

I go at least once a month. I love the laid-back atmosphere and there's always good people-watching. You can get breakfast and a drink for two for around $6. Not bad at all.

Einstein Bros Bagels in Lawrenceville, GA


By Jessica G.

Einstein's Bagels are great and the fact that it's on rt 1 is very convenient. If you're ever looking for a quick and easy place to stop for a Bagel, Einstein's the place!

Einstein Bros Bagels in Marlton, NJ


By Nicki D.

I've been to this place several times, and everyone there is super nice! They hardly ever made a mistake, and if they did they apologized and fixed the problem. They always kept the place nice & clean. I would definetly go back!!!

Einstein Bros Bagels in La Jolla, CA


By Regina T.

Choose the bagel you want for your bagel sandwich and they make it to order! While you wait for your food to be ready you can purchase tasty bagel holes to eat. It's really packed on weekend mornings though, so it can take a while for your food to come out.

Einstein Bros Bagels in Mountain View, AR


By Julie W.

We arrived when they opened and many of our favorites were not done yet. They were apologetic, but when you get up early to get first selection, you expect a good variety to be available. The quality of the bagels we did get were average bakery grade.

Einstein Bros Bagels in Gaithersburg, MD


By Michelle L.

Free bagels and schmears... who can beat that? I just recently discovered this location. It is one of the nicer Einstein's, as it has more room to sit and enjoy your bagel and schmear, sandwich, darn good coffee or whatever you chose, especially when they open the back room usually reserved for groups. I wish Einstein's had booths or comfortable coffee shop chairs, but I guess that a lot of people probably take things to go. There can be lines, but there have been enough people working to make it move quickly and there are quite a few friendly people working to accommodate. The e-club (free to join on their website) can't be beat with frequent offers for everything from free bagels and schmears to 2 for 1 sandwiches and other concoctions. They send a new offer weekly. The coffee that used to be "Melvyn's" coffee and now is called 'darn good' is actually that - darn good - and I'm not sure why there always seems to be a Starbucks next door to an Einstein's. They offer the lattes, mochas, espresso's etc... but their regular and flavored coffees are actually very good and you can get a bottomless cup when dining in. Macadamia Chocolate is my favorite, although Vanilla Hazelnut and Winter Blend are close seconds. Their unsweetened iced teas are also very good - Serenitea - is a green tea blend with citrus and ginger and they also have a Tropical Berry selection. Stand-out sandwiches for me have been the Grilled Italian Chicken Panini and Tasty Turkey. I've also had their California Chicken wrap, which this location made very well. (the other Gaithersburg location left out the chicken - ooops - but then made up for it with a new one). Decent place for a quick bite and a nice cup of coffee or refreshing iced tea.

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