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El Pollo Loco is spanish for "The Crazy Chicken" specializing in flame grilled chicken. Find El Pollo Loco locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about El Pollo Loco

El Pollo Loco in Denver, CO


By Casius B.

Best fast food I've ever had! My mom is always raving about this place so I finally went! I ordered just sides and a piece of chicken! I had to go back for more. The beans are the best though, I ate two sides of them and now keep craving more! This place is not anywhere near my house but I think I might start making the drive!

El Pollo Loco in Las Vegas, NV


By Tortuga S.

Oh my god, what a deal I purchased 4 since they were only 69 cents, well let me tell you they were great so big I could only eat two. this better and any item on any dollar menu

El Pollo Loco in Valencia, CA


By stacy h.

We go here weekly for a family meal deal of grilled chicken. It is a very healthy way to feed your family! I love their grilled chicken, and their steamed veggies and roasted corn are delish.

El Pollo Loco in San Diego, CA


By Ken S.

Alex was a great server. Alex went all out to make me happy and he did that! I asked Alex for a light for my cigarette and he made one! Awesome guy!

El Pollo Loco in Sunnyvale, CA


By Samaiyah F.

I lived in California a great deal of time in my life and my family loves this spot. I have craving for it now and I have been away from California for a number of years. They have great food and very large portions where you can eat half a burrito for lunch and eat the rest for dinner and be satisfied.

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