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What Insiders are Saying about Electronics Boutique

Electronics Boutique in Derry, NH


By Debbie P.

They have one of the biggest selections of games in the mall. They hire very knowelable salespeople, kids, that know their games. They play them and use them so they can tell you all about them before buying them. they also take old games for trade.

Electronics Boutique in Plano, TX


By candi l.

this place is great for finding great games for video gaming system the prices are very reasonable and very affordable. easy to find what you are looking for .and the associates seem to be very knowledgeable.

Electronics Boutique in Houston, TX


By Brandy H.

Electronics Boutique offers a wide selection of computer related products, video games, and computers to purchese. I was impressed with their selection for such a sized store, but they manage to keep their large selection organized throughout the store without making it feel cluttered over overwhelming. Employees are very helpful and kind and will explain what computer parts you need, work with you to get your computer fixed, and overall, they just know their product and what to do. Their prices are vary reasonable for their video games and their computer parts, but their computer repair rate is EXPENSIVE. If the problem takes over a day, they charge you a 25 dollar overnight charge which is quite annoying. Usually, they can fix the problems quickly and simply and end up doing a good job. Good service, good price on most items, and a quality job done makes me easily give Electronics Boutique 4/5 stars!

Electronics Boutique in Media, PA


By Heather D.

Electronic Boutique is THE place to go when you're looking for games. They have used and new games for every system available including PCs. The prices are excellent and much lower than buying the games new, and they are tested and guranteed to work. The kids love this store since they know that they can always get at least 2 games with thier weekly allowance.

Electronics Boutique in Everett, WA


By talisha z.

Electronics botique is a great place to go for gamers, they have numerous games, they will consign or trade in games. They will buy used gaming equipment.

Electronics Boutique in Manassas, VA


By Selene N.

Electronics Boutique, or EB, is a chain store that specializes in video game products. They carry Playstation, Playstation 2, Game boy, Nintendo, Xbox, and PC gaming software and hardware, as well as related manuals and magazines. There are also other products such as used DVD movies. They sell new games, as well as pre-owned games. They also purchase pre-owned games for an unfortunately low price. You can purchase an annual membership card to get further discounts on almost every purchase. This particular store is actually an EBX (Electronics Boutique Express) because the store is smaller and the selection is more limited. It is located in Manassas Mall. The store is very well organized, and parking is quite easy outside of the mall. However, the selection (especially the pre-owned sections) is not nearly as good as some of the other stores. It will still be adequate if you are looking for common games and new releases. In general, this store is fun to browse though every so often. PROS: Well organized store, adequate inventory on new games. CONS: Relatively limited selection, generally low trade-in prices.