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What Insiders are Saying about Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen in Alpharetta, GA


By Tamiya K.

This store has some really beautiful furnitures, in neutral colors that will compliment your home well. There's something for almost everyone, since the style of furniture varies slightly. This is a great place to go if you've just moved and are looking to furnish your home. It can get pricy, but it's worth it.

Ethan Allen in Natick, MA


By heather p.

the furniture is not what i expected. no more shiny old grandmother stuff. its much more updated and fresh styling. the staff is so knowledgable and their designs are great especially for my new room.

Ethan Allen in Denton, GA


By Steve S.

If you recently inherited a large amount of cash I would highly recommend this place to you. The furniture is very, very nice. The problem is you can get almost identical furniture at a lower price elsewhere. The prices are way above the norm, very, very, expensive. Of course, everyone there was very friendly. That happens when people want your money!

Ethan Allen in Superior, CO


By Jason J.

Ethan Allen has great service and the products can't be beat for the price. I've spent far more for lower quality and pushy salespeople who just want to sell you something. Ethan Allen is really different, they only hire salespeople with interior deisgn degrees and experience. When thay come to your home they really care about what you want and what your budget is, something I did not ecperience with other designers that i had to pay by the hour. This is an excellent value. I had one mior issue with a scratch and the service person came to my house and re-finished it and I cant tell that it weas ever damamged. Their service is awsome!

Ethan Allen in Houston, TX


By Sofia J.

This company just makes my blood boil. I bought a bed for my 4 year old daughter that is criminally unsafe (imagine raised bed, box spring and mattress..she can't even climb in) and the customer service will not take the mattress back, only the bed..but Ethan Allen delivered the mattress before the bed. They suggested a lower profile box spring which will take another 6 weeks to arrive..and when I asked her if she expected my daughter to sleep on the floor after buying a $3000 bed, she told us that would be our decision. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT deal with this company.

Ethan Allen in Tustin, CA


By Henri M.

When you want service and expensive but the highest quality furniture, this is the place to go. Aside from handmade goods directly imported from Italy, EA is the place next on the rung. The service is exceptional and they have the good no pressure sales reps.

Ethan Allen in San Diego, CA


By Lien N.

Ethan Allen Home Interiors is a very nice store with good furniture, but the prices and service are a little over the top. You can seriously get things that are better and cheaper elsewhere. Some of their stuff is pretty cool and unique, but a lot of it can get gotten at another place for cheaper. Its okay of a store but i've seen better.