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What Insiders are Saying about Express

Express in Morrow, GA


By Kineta K.

Overall, this store is okay. They sell fashionable women's clothes but the prices are very expensive and the styles are not that appealing. A $15 gift certificate probably could buy you some hair bows. The service is mediocre and I wouldn't go back if I had the money.

Express in North Attleboro, MA


By James G.

This is another great Structure store. They have alot to choose from in all of the Big and Tall Sizes. There is something for every big and tall man in this store and the prices are average, not too expensive but not cheap either.

Express in Matteson, IL


By Latasha H.

Don't let the name fool you, you won't find coffee here, but you will find very fashionable clothing. The prices are a little high, but it is worth paying for top quality and the newest looks.

Express in Joshua, TX


By jessica b.

First visit to this salon... And first impressions definitely last a lifetime! I went for a haircut and hi-lites and got so much more. Thank you, Lisa! Thank you for being so professional, polite, and most of all for making me look amazing!

Express in Bensalem, PA


By Jasmine A.

I love shopping at this store! It's the best place to shop for pants and skirts particularly and their t-shirts fit well. Plus, their clothes lasts a very long time.

Express in San Diego, CA


By Cecchetia N.

Yes still a good 4.5 stars really enjoy their food! Today tried their Sunday brunch. It'd be even more awesome if they still served their other food on Sundays as well in addition to their waffles...but still those waffles are pretty good!! I think there are about 6 choices ranging from Strawberry, Apple Cinnamon, and other fruit w/ walnuts n stuff... all around $7-something I had their Blueberry waffles, comes with whip cream and fresh blueberries. YUM! Killed em! ; )~ Also tried some of my friends Sesame Bagel with Cream Cheese and Pesto, add Tomato (50cents) Yummy! Tried their Lemon muffin/pastry thing, Sorry I don't know what it's called but it was sooo good also. What is it? It's not shaped like a muffin, but it's not a danish either. It was sweet with the icing and also had a bit of lemon cream in the center and you could taste the lemon flavor very well. Like soft cake, circular shaped, has little black dots in it? My friend wondered why the waffle cooker does not wear gloves. He talked on his cell phone as he was making waffles too. I find sometimes they do funny things here with the service such as they bring you your waffles but then you gotta get up to where he just came from and grab your single serving of syrup or butter? If you don't mind the service can sometimes be a bit lacksidasical then it's totally cool... As always...Cash Onl

Express in Santa Clara, CA


By Jennifer H.

this express store is cool and trendy selling clothes for young women. they always seem to have sales so their shirts and other tops are cheap if you're on a budget. their jeans fit very well and they have a big selection. their sells associates can be pushy and overwhelming because they want you to buy stuff.

Express in Fredericksburg, VA


By Morgan S.

I have a closet full of clothes from Express, they used to be a staple in my wardrobe. You can find cute casul clothes, nice office attire, or sexy party outfits. Once I got pregnant, there would be no more Express for me. I gained a lot of weight, and there sizes don't go up too big, plus the clothes are mostly form fitting, and not to forgiving. So one day I will lose this weight and go back to my favorite store...right now just wish they had plus sizes like Old Navy!