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What Insiders are Saying about Fairfield Inn

Fairfield Inn in Chicago, IL


By David W.

The fairfield Inn is a wonderful place to stay for a few day of relaxation from the business world. You will forget all the troubles and problems that you faced at that board meeting that afternoon when you lay your head down for the evening. I guarantee you that you will wake up with a smile on your face the very next day. PROS: Great prices, comfortable CONS: No parking

Fairfield Inn in Spring, TX


By moira t.

Once I was quitting for my business meeting, my friend advise me to stay in this hotel for refreshment and I found this hotel is not a just hotel it is just like paradise because of its amazing amenities and facilities.

Fairfield Inn in Las Vegas, NV


By Sue F.

We accompanied some friends who own a time share here. This was easily the best and most relaxing vacation we have ever had. We were within walking distance of the Las Vegas strip and there was a shuttle bus that took us right to the strip. The staff was professional and friendly. The pool area was clean and very comfortable.

Fairfield Inn in Anaheim, CA


By Big t.

Grosss. Take a peekat the mattress ur sleeping on..we noticed the sheets were a lil small for mattress wen we pulled it down to keep it from falling we found bedbugs and a 15 yr old mattress with blood n urine stains condoms under bed carpet turned our white socks black...none of.the maids speak english..clueless housekeeping manager wallpaper falling off walls rooms are heavily sprayed with purfume to mask the smell of mold ac smells like urine wen used....this hotel should be shut down....very dirty place

Fairfield Inn in Bridgeton, IN


By Al P.

This is very nice place to eat and enjoy yourself. They remodeled the place before opening and it looks great. Food is excellent and the staff very warm and friendly.

Fairfield Inn in Del Mar, CA



This is an amazing place. The birds are just hanging out, waiting for someone to stop and pay them some attention. It only costs a few dollars, but it is well worth every cent. The staff will answer any and all of your questions. Great place to take kids to see all of these amazing birds. The birds are just sitting on a perch out in the court yard. A must see!

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