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What Insiders are Saying about Family Dollar store

Family Dollar store in Acworth, GA


By Tanisha L.

Great store! Excellent management, friendly prompt service! I will definately come back here, it is very close to my house

Family Dollar store in Somerville, AL


By Melissa B.

where u can find stuff for a really good price i went and purchased some things and i did not pay allot for anything why pay for more.i am really glad these types of stores are around

Family Dollar store in Arlington, AL


By Charnell H.

This store provides excellent customer service and is well organized. This store not only gives you quantity, but quality as well. You can grocery shop, by school supplies, or just shop clothes for the family. The prices are reasonable and it's just GREAT. Overall, I enjoyed my experience at this store.

Family Dollar store in Houston, AK


By Gerardo G.

My name is Gerardo and im ready to work i have worked before im i high school im 17 and ready to work

Family Dollar store in Las Vegas, NM


By vic c.

i was searching the web for where to buy my favorite nail polish L.a art!! And the closes place in las vegas was this family dollar! Let me tell you its pretty scarry driving in the location the are looks so dark with no lights in the parking lot! so i went in the place was filthy ok im just going in for my nails and im out! No!! The store manager from the night shift right away started pointing fingers to costumers that who made the mess in the store? i was like what? and she was very young and angry and making children pick up foam from the floor this lady was absolutely insane!! She even kicked me out and two other males because she said we made the mess! When i went in it was almost closing time! i cant believe how she treated costumers and also how she talk to the childen saying you guys made the mess pick it up!! pure insanity....i will never ever go to that store ever again and i will tell all my friends about this expirience! and the sad part i called the coporation and they just wrote down the complaint i dont think they ever do anything about it!! that manaager should be fired!!sooo rude how can she point fingers to costumers and say pick it up to costumers?? unprofessional....but later that night i found another great place to find my nail polish...and its way more cleaner and safer to go! and people wont treat there costumers like crap! 99cent store ;)

Family Dollar store in Bronx, NY


By Roland S.

This dollar store is actually more like a 50 cent store. EVerything here is mad cheap. If you need to buy a bottle of 2 liter Coke it's only 50 cents. Some things are CHEAPER than costcos. It's amazing what these places will sell and the prices that they sell it for are cheap too.

Family Dollar store in Philadelphia, MO


By Yvette Y.

Called the store and they were very helpful. They checked to see if they had what I was looking for, before I made my way to the store. And yes, they had it "Lysol concentrate". Thank You, to the polite young man that answered the phone.

Family Dollar store in Brunswick, GA


By Valerie G.

I just love shopping. My friends know it too. I like to look for little gift basket ideas or small gifts for children and Family Dollar is a great place to find those types of things, and also small items for cleaning and storage in the home. Some of the items they carry are the same ones found in the large chain stores, but usually cheaper. Check here first and save money.