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Fastframe in Las Vegas, NM


By Bonnie R.

I'm used to framing my own prints, but this one was especially large and would be in a place that was especially conspicuous and I really thought I'd leave it to someone who knew what he or she was doing. I came in with my print, which they measured and they ask me questions about what I'd like and based on my answers they delivered a lovely framed print and I had no worries. There were many choices of frame, mat, types of mounting, types of glass, etc. They used their computer to determine an exact price which was fair and it took about a week before it was delivered. Their web site is at The salesperson was very pleasant and I remember that they also had bins of prints and photos to choose from if you didn't have your own. PROS: Work with a computerized system -- calculations precise. Great workmanship CONS: Might be too expensive for those who usually do it themselves.

Fastframe in Westfield, IA


By bob s.

The selection of frames is not large and the frames are not that attractive. I didn't find the owner's recommendations very impressive. Notwithstanding the name, I didn't find the framing any faster than any other place I have gone to. The prices are average.

Fastframe in Alexandria, AL


By Angela T.

I came here to get professional and personal framing done for my boss because Mario was able to do what no one else could. My boss was so pleased that I have come back for at least 4 projects! The quality and service was exemplary! I would highly recommend Alexandria's Fast Frame on Duke Street and its owner! You will not be disappointed.