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What Insiders are Saying about Fazoli's

Fazoli's in Lawrenceville, GA


By Leyanne B.

Great location, easy to get in and out, great food and great service. Employees really make this a great place to eat. I just wish they had more to offer for low cal and diet and low carb.

Fazoli's in Arlington, TX


By Nizam S.

Fazolis, based in Kentucky is a fast food chain offering Italian classics like spaghetti and meatballs, shrimp scampi, lasagna, chicken parmigiana, etc. This is one of the only locations in the DFW area. I highly recommend that you stop by if you are in the area. Good food which is easy on the wallet.

Fazoli's in Aurora, CO


By Adam S.

Fast, cheap Italian food. The five stars is because it is what it says it is (fast and cheap). Do not expect a fine dining experience and you will have a good time. The unlimited bread sticks are delicious.

Fazoli's in Katy, TX


By Melissa W.

I think that the concept of providing Italian food as a "fast food" option is a unique one, and Fazoli's does it very well. When you go there, you have the option of dining in or going through the drive thru. I have found that it is usually quicker to go inside (even if I will be doing carry out) because the drive thru lines are often very long. Fazolis offers a number of menu options ranging from pizza and salads to sandwiches and dishes such as spaghetti, lasagne, fettucine alfredo, and even chicken parmigiana. If you're not sure what you'd like to try (or you have tried things in the past but like a variety), the sampler combos are a good option. They typically include two or more pasta options such as spaghetti, lasagne, fettucine, or baked ziti. The Italian ices make a nice "treat." I have never been disappointed with anything that I have tried here, but my favorite thing about Fazolis is definitely their breadsticks. They pretty much melt in your mouth and they are very generous in giving them out. If you are dining in, they will give you one while you wait in line. They usually give you one or two with your meal and then they also have people walking around with baskets to replenish your supply. The prices are very reasonable (usually about $5-6 for a "meal"). If you need a quick, inexpensive Italian fix, Fazolis is a great option.

Fazoli's in Santa Ana, CA


By Mike H.

Clearly one of the best in the area when it comes to their hospitality. Great selection of amazing pizza. I can hardly wait to go back for more.

Fazoli's in Glassboro, NJ


By Marge T.

If you love Italian pastries this is the place to go. They have cakes to die for & they have them in different flavors. They taste really fresh. We've gotten the Italian cookie trays here & a few cakes. The owners are really sweet & friendly. They have a big selection of pastries here. You should go in & try them out.