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What Insiders are Saying about Food Lion

Food Lion in Dawsonville, GA


By Christina C.

Was surprised by the negative reviews. Also curious that they all send you to Kroger..... The customer service I have received has always been great! I've never had to wait long to check out. If the lines start getting long seems like someone always opens another one to help out. The only thing I think they may need to do is hire some extra people to help with bagging. There have been a couple times that one person was running back and forth between 2 or 3 lanes. But, as far as customer service, I've even called wondering if they carried a certain product and they went and found it and held it at customer service for my husband to pick up. I love having this great store so close by!

Food Lion in Elkton, FL


By sherrie b.

Ialways check out the new stores that come into town, but I end up going back to Food Lion. You can't beat their buy one get one free deals ! Seems to me that most stores raise the price on items when they do the BOGO's, but Food Lion does'nt. In fact ., they are the only store that you can buy just one of the BOGO's, and get it for half price. I've been to all of the Food Lion's in Cecil County, and the Elkton and Perryville stores are the best. The North East store is nice, but the check-out ladies during the day are the grouchiest, rude women i've ever come across. For that reason only , Iwould'nt recommend you go to the North East store. Definately check out the Perryville and Elkton stores - there are deals to be found!

Food Lion in Stevensville, MD



I shop at Food Lion all the time and get great savings with my card. The prices are much better than Safeway or Giant. I can always get 30 to 35 dollars of of a 150 dollar bill by using the card.

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