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Foot Locker has athletic shoes, running shoes, basketball shoes and sports apparel from Nike, Adidas, Reebok, New Balance, Asics, Air Jordan and more. Find Foot Locker locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Foot Locker

Foot Locker in Kennesaw, GA


By Travis S.

If i would have a nice pair of sneakers i would get them from foot locker. Foot lockers my #1 shoe source for sneakers and athletic wear. I go their every single weekend just for a pair of shoes.

Foot Locker in North Dartmouth, MA


By liz r.

I get coupons in the mail all the time for this place it is a nice place and very big the guys are wonderful and helpful. I like this store the sneakers are not too much and they have some great nike clothes and hats here too I have boughten xmas gifts here and gift cards here as well.

Foot Locker in Cicero, IL


By Calissa H.

Forget getting my beloved sandals here, but Foot Locker is great when you need a pair of sneakers. The staff is helpful in selecting shoes that are right with your lifestyle. Not every walker needs running shoes. They actually know which ones will make your feet feel so much better.

Foot Locker in Dallas, GA


By joe p.

Best store ever they have the house of hoops only 12 on world customer service by far best in industry always have my size as well as my kids size. I wish all footlocker stores where this way

Foot Locker in Lone Tree, IA


By leeon b.

Foot Locker is cool. They have all the new shoes that come out. They have good customer service. people go by there in when they go in they come out happy. i would recommend this to people all over the world.

Foot Locker in Spring, TX


By Kenny B.

Foot Locker in the mall has a great selection of shoes and athletic wear. I always find shoes I want at Foot Locker at a much lower price than the other store in the mall who mark up. They always have buy one get one sales on shirts and so forth. the staff is friendly, fast and will help you find anything your looking for! Great store, good location.

Foot Locker in Riverside, CA


By Sarthi S.

I got my awesome kicks from foot locker, they had to order them special though because I'm tight like that. Man i wish i could get some more, they sure are expensive.

Foot Locker in Philadelphia, MO


By aramis j.

I would like to gain employment within your company. I am 17 years of age and need a job asap to help around the house and to save money towards college. thank youaj

Foot Locker in San Diego, CA


By victoria I.

i would love to tell everyone to get their shoes here at foot locker because if you are a name brand shoe buyer i suggest you come to foot locker.if you love to wear nikes, adiddas or vans or anything that matches what you wear,your best choice is to go to foot locker

Foot Locker in Milpitas, CA


By Kanchan C.

I had a very bad experiance today at this location. The manager was very rude and made comments saying he did not like East Indians. I was refused a 30% discount that I am entitled to as a "family and friends" program. I have sent my complaint to Footlocker but have not yet received a response.

Foot Locker in Tukwila, WA


By Joni H.

This place has the best shoes with alot of choices in ; brand, color, style, and designs. The people who work there are really friendly and great with helping you out on finding the right size for you or answering questions you have about the shoes. The store is really buissy almost all the time so do not be suprised if you have to wait but it never takes very long. It is a good place to buy your shoes.

Foot Locker in Fredericksburg, VA


By Morgan S.

if you need atheletic wear, or shoes come here! They have the cutest clothing by Addias, Reebok, Nike, plus a Lady Foot Locker brand too! I have lots of comfortable clothing I got from here, I wear it mostly to my daughters play groups, and to the park and stuff like that. So you don't have to be an athelete to shop here!

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