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What Insiders are Saying about Forever 21

Forever 21 in Providence, KY


By Sandra P.

CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP, You can't miss a girl without a Yellow Forever 21 bag, unbelievable prices, changing styles. Only negative the quality isn't so good and the jewelry is poorly made. Great for a 'wear one day and throw away next month' outfit. jeans are extremely cheap, but again the quality is an issue. Girls buy your clothes at Forever 21 and H&M, and then go directly to Downcity, Mathewson st. for your shoes! And then thank me later for showing you Mathewson st!

Forever 21 in Gurnee, IL


By Ann A.

Forever 21 has nice clothes but the material is really cheap so it isn't worth getting most of the time. Also, the store is always messy and you have to dig through all the stuff to get to it.

Forever 21 in Grapevine, TX


By Michelle D.

This Forever 21 is a huge store!! It has so many things to chose from, it would be impossible not to find something you like. However, because it's so big, it's sometimes hard to find something in particular. This store also seemed a bit messy, but their prices were very competitive. Their clothes also seem to be a very good quality and their accessories section was very big and offered lots of fun choices.

Forever 21 in Denver, CO


By Yiana A.

Forever 21 is one of my favorite places to shop at. they have many styles there. when i go there i buy shirts! i love them! i would recommend all young girls to shop at Forever 21 you will love it!

Forever 21 in Jersey City, NJ


By Patricia H.

This is one of my favorite places to shop. They are always up on the newest trends and you can make a killing here. Their prices are so good. They carry a lot of what you may call high school trends and the price are great if you actually are in high school because they really are affordable.

Forever 21 in Lynnwood, WA


By Nat S.

Though cheap, in Forever 21, it's very rare that i find something that's worth buying. It could take me hours to find something that fits right, and is worth the cost. I recommend this store for teenagers rather than adults, only because of the style and fit of everything. Girls ONLY!