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Frys Electronics in Crystal Lake, IL


By Nancy B.

I love Freeze's. They have the very best Black Raspberry Malts and Milk Shakes. It's a very, very small place with really no place to eat inside. There is always a line of folks waiting for their ice cream treats. The prices are very good. I always look forward to a Black Raspberry Malt from there.

Frys Electronics in Plano, TX


By kim w.

A techies dream world! This is the place to visit if you plan on purchasing a PC or other electronic items. They have a very wide variety, prices are always one of the best and the staff is very helpful. They are great with returns too.

Frys Electronics in San Diego, CA


By Nancie L.

I started pilates at this studio with an instructor named Corina Maggi. Overweight and recovering from back surgery, I needed to start slowly and gain strength and agility. Corina gave everyone in the small classes a lot of personal attention and great insight into the reasons for various movement of pilates. I never suffered any setbacks and rapidly became more confident, balanced and "able to leap tall buildings in a single bound."

Frys Electronics in Tacoma, WA


By Bailey W.

FORZA COFFEE IS AMAZING ! holy cow ! i went there for the first time the other day i loved it ! they have great service and awsome prices !

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