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What Insiders are Saying about GameStop

GameStop in Jasper, AL


By Lee M.

With 2 children, I have to know that I can get the best prices and the employees will be nice to the "little" customers. This is a wonderful store. I highly recommend GameStop!!

GameStop in Saugus, MA


By sandra g.

No matter how many times i come here i never get tired of it. The staff is very nice and helpful, if you need a recommendation for a game they will be able to help you. They have plenty of parking no matter what time you go. Also everytime i go they always have that hard to find game that iv'e been looking for, and if they don't have it in at the time they will take my name and number and call when it comes in.

GameStop in Frisco, CO


By Nathan N.

This Gamestop is the only one I go to for all of the Launches for new games. They are very informative.

GameStop in Greeley, CO


By Abby B.

This place has the best prices for used video games. I buy any good video game under $10 and this store has alot of them. They carry a good selection. I also like there return policy. I got bad luck with getting a scratched game, but you won't notice it's scratched game until you play half way thru the game. They let me return games upto 2 weeks later, that's kinda like a renting a game for free. They pay more for used games too. They are very helpful and if your nice, they will sell you game before it's release date. A+ PROS: Game selection, prices, return policy CONS:

GameStop in Las Vegas, NM


By Patrick H.

From the very first moment that I walked into their store, I recieved nothing but good service. They were very helpful and understanding. They helped me get exactly what I needed. I will continue to do buisness with them in the future.

GameStop in Los Angeles, CA


By Gavin W.

This place always gets the newest games first-- if you get there on a day that is a release date for a game, you'll see it on display. Best Buy and other big electronic warehouse stores will always get it about a week later at the very least. These stores also have a huge selection of used games that you can get relatively inexpensively.

GameStop in Clifton, AZ


By Jessica M.

Whether you're trading in old games, buying new ones or used ones - it's a gamers paradise - tons os selection - great prices - just don't bring your husband in with a fresh credit card or you could be living off of Cup-O-Noodles for a few months!!!

GameStop in Philadelphia, MO


By shawn f.

i lik tht store alot nd i want tht 2 be my 1st job kuz wen i get older i want 2 creat my own games or something.

GameStop in San Diego, CA


By Phillip L.

gamestop is a dream for gamers. it has everything.. from old unavailable games to brand new games. they have consoles, i thought didnt even exist anymore. they even let you reserve games in advance. how cool is that. they also always have deals on the newest games! great store

GameStop in San Francisco, CA


By Clifford C.

I would say that EB Games is just a place that I would go almost everything when I think about games. To be exact EB is the only place where I buy games from. How come I go there all the time? You asked? It is because the people who worked there. They have a nice attitude towards costumers and it is easy to make a strong bond between constumers and employees. The second main reason is because EB always offers cheap games and great deals. If you are not sure about is that game good or not, just ask the worker. They won't lie and tell you false information. They will gave you their true feeling towards it. PROS: Great Deal, Great Employees CONS: None, Nada, Zero, Cero

GameStop in Auburn, AL


By Jan b.

The employees in this store are very helpful. Knowing nothing about games, I went in to find a gift for my grandson, and they answered all my questions, and directed my to just the thing I was looking for. I really appreciated their expertise.

GameStop in Baltimore, MD


By Cory S.

If you are having trouble finding the right toy for the child who has everything, this is the place.