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Gap offers iconic, casual American clothing to customers of all ages. The Gap brands include GapKids, babyGap, GapMaternity and gapbody. Find Gap locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Gap

Gap in Marietta, GA


By S M.

I usually shop there for my daughter. She loves the clothes and they are always in fashion. Most of the time I can catch a good sale and get more for my buck.

Gap in Providence, KY


By Cheryl B.

I do think that they have very nice clothes but they are very pricey. They salespeople are very nice and helpful . I do think though that you can find as good quality clothes elsewhere for better prices.

Gap in Lewisville, AR


By A P.

The Gap offers a great selection of clothes for every member of your family. I like how the clothes are stylish, yet most are pracitcal. The quality is great!

Gap in Houston, TX


By Jennifer R.

The GAP clothing store offers an upper end line of clothing. They have mens shitrts, jeans, pants, ties, socks, and boxers. They have childrens shirts, bibs, shoes, socks, shirts, jackets, etc. Women's clothing here is very fashionable and diverse. With jeans, shorts, skirts, pants, dresses, tank tops, blouses, t-shirts, and so much more, ladies, you are guaranteed to find something here that you like! They also have mens and womens shows. Why not buy mating shoes for the entire family? With prices like what they have, why not buy your clothes from here? Great place to shop for the entire family!

Gap in Las Vegas, NM


By N S.

I shop at this store often because if its style and quality. There clothes are very versatile because I can wear them out and also wear them to work. I have a friend who's working there so she often gets me discounts. The staff is very nice and helpful. They usually have really cute men working in there also so that's a plus. Ha..Ha... Check out this store because they always have sale all the time so you might be able to find something that you like there.

Gap in Glen Riddle Lima, PA


By virginia f.

This is a nice jean store, They have just the size you are looking for. this store is in the mall, and is easy to get to. Prices are a little higher than the adverage store, but you only get what you pay for. The sales people are nice, and treat everybody the same. Good stock. many to pick form. PROS: Good selection of name brand jeans. CONS: small and in the mall.

Gap in La Jolla, CA


By Jose C.

When I was little the only thing that I found wrong with gap was the fact that I grew out of their GAP Kids when I was 8 but other than that I always loved their clothes when I was little and they always had the stuff that both me and my mom wanted

Gap in San Francisco, CA


By Lisa B.

You remember that saying, "So, what do you want to do? Wnat to go to Gap?" That is exactly know I know this store - a place to go when I am bored. I love this store

Gap in Seattle, WA


By Kim R.

I think this is my favorite Gap store because it is the least crowded. You can fit a double stroller through their aisle and they always have what you need in stock.

Gap in Reston, VA


By Sue C.

I often end up at this store when we are out at Reston Town Center. The store is kind of small and does not carry the full range of stuff that is available online or at the other location. Most of the Gap Kids also carry Baby Gap stuff, but this one has a very limited selection. The staff is sparse but friendly and nice.

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