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Glass Doctor in Norcross, GA


By Lisa K.

The windshield on my truck had a small chip, and I had already replaced it once that year, so I decided to try these guys. They did a great job fixing the chip and now you can hardly see where it was. Well, if you look hard you can, but even though they warn you, I haven't had any cracks so they saved me $150 on replacing the whole thing! Not bad!

Glass Doctor in Lakewood, CA



I hope you are reading this before you have used this company I wasn't so lucky. I had a terrible experience with Glass Doctor of Denver as well. Don't be fooled they will show up to quote you but from then on it's a nightmare. I had a shower enclosure installed that I was told would take 2 weeks max and they would try to rush it. Six weeks later and being told the glass broke, and only finding that out when I took a day off to wait for them and never showed or called. This went on for 4 weeks with getting the run around. They finally installed it 6 weeks later at 9:30pm, because I told them I was going to cancel if someone didn't show up. They could care less I don't know how this company is still in business with that lack of service, communication and skill. I asked for some type of compensation and they told me they would give me $75.00 off . I missed a day of work and a appointment that I had to pay $100.00 for plus all the hassle of dealing with everyone at this company giving me the run around. Do yourself a favor and never use the Glass Doctor of Denver and please tell your friends the same thing. I hope they realize how social media works and bad press will cost them more than $75.00 in the long run. Note: The good reviews are friends and employees don't be fooled

Glass Doctor in Henderson, AR


By Karin V.

I called this company out of the yellow pages to come and fix a broken bathroom window. I was a little nervous because I don't like dealing with companies I don't know. The gentleman that came to do the estimate was great! He was so friendly and helpful. Also very polite! Their price was very reasonable and I signed for them to come and do the repair. They ordered the window and were back within 2 weeks to install it. Both times they came (the esitmate and the installation) they were right on time. The same gentleman that did the estimate was the one doing the installation. He was again very polite and also very respectful of both myself and my home. He asked if he needed to remove his shoes and always knocked when coming in and out (until I told him it wasn't necessary to do so). The window looks fantastic and you can't even tell it was broken. I was so please with the workers that I actually felt compelled to call their boss and comment on what a great job they did. I don't often do that. Call them, you won't be sorry!

Glass Doctor in Fremont, CA


By J C.

They come to your house, install the your front windshield while you sit back and watch TV at home. It took about 45 minutes for the guy to install the windshield and depending on your automobile insurance coverage, there was only the deductable that needed to be covered. The guy even threw in a can of the window washing fluid for me. They do a great job, no leaks or malfunctions. I have to call these guys soon though, those darn rocks hit my window on the freeway. I would definitely choose this company again. Fast service, professional, and not expensive (depending on your insurance coverage).

Glass Doctor in Fairfax, CA


By Marija S.

The worst possible customer service and service ever! I could not regret more hiring Glass Doctor. Not only that Jose, the repair person, installed a passenger's glass on my car, that didn't fit, he tried to persuade me that fits, even though I could barely move my window. Then they just didn't show up for the next appointment. Then they cancelled the next one at the last moment. Then finally he came again, and installed another piece of glass, that was less heavy or big, but still not a perfect fit. When I complained they made me come to Fairfax from DC, and when I was on my way, they cancelled again! I had to go again, which took me an hour, and then Jose refused to even look at it. After that, the owner, Kevin came to my work to look at the again, and said that according to him, it's a little slow but "it's fine," and I can again come to Fairfax, if I'm not satisified, which I'm certainly not, waste another two hours of my time, for him to try to install the right glass, but then I would have to pay much more, since the glass you sold me for almost $250 is cheap. Stay away from them!