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What Insiders are Saying about Godfathers Pizza

Godfathers Pizza in Chicago, IL


By Keith S.

Pizza here is bland and in the veign of "you get what you pay for." BUT, if you just moved and need to pay your friends off for helping you, get it here. Otherwise, their other dishes are much better and good value for the price. PROS: Good Value & Prices, Nice People CONS: Bland Pizza

Godfathers Pizza in Lake Dallas, TX


By David S.

Pretty good pizza with decent prices. They also have a lot of the classic combos for you to pick from. I was pretty happy with it overall and would consider ordering from them again.

Godfathers Pizza in East Hanover, NJ


By Abby N.

Godfather's Pizza offers a variety of regular Italian foods such as pizza and pasta. The service is fast and the staff is friendly. This is a good place to just hang out with your friends and relax with a good meal. The prices are reasonable and the location is convenient. I recommend this pizza place for anyone in the area.

Godfathers Pizza in Newark, AR


By Debi H.

Up til now, there hasn't been a pizza place in Old Town Newark that delivers. I'm anxious to try them out. They've been there a couple of years, but mostly invisible to the public. Now they have specials, specialty pizza, family combos, lunch specials, a Father's combo, wings, tenders, and a Family Party Combo for only $23.99 that includes 3 different size pizzas and 3 2-liter bottles of soda! PROS: They deliver CONS: None so far...

Godfathers Pizza in Federal Way, WA


By Rosemary R.

My Son and his wife had my youngest Grandsons 5th Birthday party at your Auburn store. We played video games and had pizza because that was Eric's request and his Mother takes Birthday request very serious. She was looking not just for video games but good pzza. There were about 10 of us, maybe more, kids and all. Tricia ordered 3 different kinds of pizza. The Taco pizza was AMAZING. We had such a good time! I went back the next day with the little girl I brought to the party (my neighbor, she has known my Grandsons for 6 years now). We had another Taco pizza and took what we didn't finish to her family. The next day and the next, I told many people at work how AWSOME the Taco pizza was at Godfathers. I also wished I had not given the left over pizza to Ashley's family. They loved it! We are oging to see "Alice in Wonderland" at the StarPlex Cinema, again..It is Amazing!! I will go to the Godfathers there in Federal Way to let us enjoy your marvelous pizza again. Thank You for such amazing pizza, I had forgotten about you. Rosemary

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