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What Insiders are Saying about Godiva Chocolatier

Godiva Chocolatier in Alpharetta, GA


By Tamiya K.

Ok, so it's a little expensive, but it doesn't hurt to get quality chocolate every once in a while! There's a lot to choose from at Godiva as far as chocolates go, and the presentation is great, so if you're giving someone chocolate as a gift, this is the place to go.

Godiva Chocolatier in Salem, NH


By Diane K.

I love shopping at Godiva in the Rockingham Mall, the mall it self isn't that great but I do love the 2 ladies at Godiva. The best customer service around, very friendly and helpful.

Godiva Chocolatier in Fort Worth, TX


By Pattie P.

From the moment you walk in you smell the heavenly smell of chocolate. They offer hand dipped strawberries that are amazing. The candy is sold by the piece so you can custoimize your own box. Or you can get it in prepackaged boxes. The by piece candies are about $35 dollars a pound but worth it for a special treat or occasion.

Godiva Chocolatier in Friendswood, TX


By Sabrina E.

The chocolate is to die for. Sure, it's expensive, but there is a good reason for that--this is some of the finest chocolate available. I once bought some on sale after Christmas and it was a treat. Try the chocolate seashells. If you're a broke person, try buying one piece just for a decadent treat, or trying a dipped strawberry or ice cream drink. Oh, and try the liquer!

Godiva Chocolatier in Brea, CA


By Mon D.

OMG, I can't walk by without getting a chocolate covered strawberry!!! They are the bbbbbbbest chocolate store!!!

Godiva Chocolatier in Lake Grove, NY


By Candice C.

Godiva has the best chocolate in the world. This Godiva, located in the Smithaven Mall in Lake Grove, is no different from all of the rest. The staff is fantastic, and you can even get free samples from them. The store smells wonderful! You can even get ice cream and coffee here, besides chocolate treats. The prices are VERY high, but the quality is well-worth it. It's not a store to shop in everyday, but definitely somewhere to go for special occasions or to really treat yourself. Godiva is located right near the center of the mall, at the end of the Calder Court hallway. It is a very convenient location. PROS: the BEST chocolate, nice staff, great ice cream & coffee CONS: expensive

Godiva Chocolatier in Philadelphia, PA


By Veronica a.

Godiva sells a number of goodies - chocolate bars, biscuits, truffles and even coffee. Their chocolates are delicious but so is their flavored coffee. They usually have free samples in the store - like chocolate covered strawberries. The prices are OK. They also sell sugar free goodies for those watching their sugar intake.

Godiva Chocolatier in San Diego, CA


By Sammi S.

godiva is a good chocolate place, unfortunately it is a bit pricey. expensive chocolate doesn't necessarily mean good chocolate, but with godiva you can count on their quality for their price. i recomend the chcolate covered strawberries. enjoy!!!

Godiva Chocolatier in Santa Clara, CA


By Gail C.

Godiva is the place to go when you want a gift that is sure to impress. While the candy is delicious, presentation is everything here and the boxes they sell are gorgeous!

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