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What Insiders are Saying about Good Guys

Good Guys in Anaheim, CA


By Sandy V.

I was looking got a new camera. I drop by their store and brought a Canon EOS 20D and a Sigma lens from them, and as always it was a pleasure dealing with B&H. I also got an extra CF 1 GB card and a Sony camcorder battery while I was there. They are such a great store; I hope to do business with them again.

Good Guys in Penndel, PA


By Ami S.

The Good Guys helped my family when our television set stopped working. They were very friendly and respectful and extremely helpful!

Good Guys in San Diego, CA


By Cody J.

The only reason I could understand how much something cost are how a product is better than another is because of the help from Brandon. If you go in there, he is the most knowledgeable. There selection is a little weak as well.

Good Guys in Corte Madera, CA


By Justin B.

Another company that finds it hard to compete with bigger chains like Best Buy. This used to be one of the places I'd shop for electronics, but after Best Buy moved in I rarely, if ever, go in here. The selection isn't great. They can't compete price wise. Which leaves customer service, but then they don't do so well in that area either. Check their sales otherwise it's probably better to go somewhere else.

Good Guys in Olympia, KY


By Tamra P.

Bought a car for $4500 and in two weeks had to put another $1000 into the car just so I could drive it.... flawed security system, broken shifter knob, worn ignition key, had to have it re-keyed, gas gauge didn't work and with a few phone calls to The owner Eddie, nothing was done to ease my expense he got mad and started yelling at me and said what do you want for a four thousand $ car, and then hung up on me. Word to the wise GO ELSEWHERE.

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