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Goodwill is one of the world's largest nonprofit providers of education, training, and career services for people with disadvantages. Goodwill stores feature gently-used and new items that are bargains for smart shoppers. The money you spend at Goodwill locations goes to support job training and placement programs. Find Goodwill locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Goodwill

Goodwill in Canton, CT


By Cassandra S.

This place was awesome. The employees there are so nice and welcoming. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to save money and who likes to find neat things. I love this place!!

Goodwill in Nashua, IA


By christa r.

This used to be Goodwill but is now a salvation army thrift store. It has great deals. Wednesdays are 1/2 off days and thursdays, fridays and saturdays are $1 days. I always leave with a bagful of clothes! PROS: Great parking lot CONS: Not open on sundays

Goodwill in Orland Park, IL


By KS A.

If you love thrift stores, then you have to go to this one. It's HUGE and has a good turnover on their items for sale. I've bought 2 *real* Coach purses there for $10 each! Nice sales and great prices~

Goodwill in Fort Worth, TX


By Victoria L.

This is a wonderful place to shop for just about anything. The store is very organized and the employees are always friendly and helpful. You can find many bargains in the store at any time.

Goodwill in Loveland, CO


By Carmen G.

I have a large family and clothe them mostly from purchases from the Goodwill store. I get name brands for less then the regular prices. Periodically they have 50% off deals that save me a lot. The last time I was there, the close racks were jammed so full, you could hardly push them aside. That is how large of a selection they have. It always takes a lot of time to go through all the clothes but it is worth the savings. Make sure you check the clothes over for rips, missing buttons, or unworking zippers. Most everything is in good shape. And they have fitting rooms. The nice thing about used clothing is that it most likely isn't going to shrink anymore, assuming it's been washed several times by the previous owner. They are conveniently located on east Hwy 34. PROS: Great bargains! CONS:

Goodwill in Houston, AK


By Frances P.

This Goodwill is really big! You have to dig through a lot of stuff, but you can find some great bargains. We have found fabulous deals on clothes for the office, like women's jackets for $2! The inventory changes all the time, so you might have to go several times to find what you are looking for, but sometimes you can hit the motherlode.

Goodwill in New York, NY


By Amieelyn T.

Yes this goodwill might seems a little small because of the location but this store always gets really good suff like the Lucky Brand, True Religion, AX, Kenneth Cole, Coach and many more. Every other saturdays they always have window sales that have people waiting on like at 8am. Their books is always on sales especially college books. That's where I brought all my school books cause they cause too much. I mean come and take a look, there's nothing to lose.

Goodwill in Tacoma, WA


By Salawal P.

i hop from thrift store to thrift store, trying to buy many of the old used worn out panties, each thrift shop has to offer. This shop has or should I say had, some old worn out cotton bikini panties, and so many various used panties, I was truly in love. I bought a big bag full of panties, about 70 pairs of panties, for only $10.00 what a deal. I have a sexual fetish for used panties, not to mention, half of all the panties bought from this place have visibly worn dirty panties

Goodwill in Millersville, MD


By Kimberly A.

This Goodwill has a sale on their used books quite frequently where you can get any of them for 25 cents apiece. Also everyday, the children's books are 5 for $1. This is also a great place to get kids toys that have been gently used. Look for the items from Target that are drastically marked down for the best deals.

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