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What Insiders are Saying about Guess

Guess in Atlanta, GA


By Tamiya K.

This location is a great place to find jeans--from jackets, to pants, to capris, Guess will probably have what you're looking for. The store also has some great purses, and you'll find some cute pajamas too. Items can be a little expensive, though, so you may want to save up before you go.

Guess in Peabody, KS


By Mark Z.

I like their designs. They are modern and unique!

Guess in Hurst, IL


By Rusty R.

LOVE the Guess here. There is a nice layout for the new clothing, shoes, and jeans areas. The new clothing is at the front, as usual, and the jeans are off to each side, in the middle, with a jean selection rack that you can examine styles on before choosing which one you want the saleswoman/man to retrieve your size in. The shoe area has neatly arranged seats that you can see all of their shoes from easily. The selection is separated into sales and new merchandise. The sales rack is in the back, and surprisingly large. The jewelry is separated into different places, but there's always a sales basket with a few dollars slashed off the original price for jewelry that has aged a few months.

Guess in Jackson, AL


By jennifer w.

Guess is a top of the line apparel store. They have a large womans selection and also some clothes for men. Their selection is very large and almost everything is attractive. Guess also has some shoes, watches, & belts available. Cons: The prices are ridiculous. A shirt can cost around $110. And a lot of their clothes are made for anorexic girls only.

Guess in San Francisco, CA


By Carol Q.

This is one of favorite stores to shop for jeans and casual black pants for work. they have a great selection of styles and they fit really well. I have a hard time finding jeans that fit well and are long enough. Guess jeans are the best. They are a little pricy, but very worth it in the long run. They last a long time. They also have great tops and jackets.