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What Insiders are Saying about H&R Block

H&R Block in Acworth, GA


By Brenda F.

We had a good experience with these people.They very professional and friendly . We would definitely use them again. They were very knowledgeable , Very efficient.

H&R Block in Kankakee, IL



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H&R Block in Richardson, TX


By crystal f.

I had my taxes done here and the lady that helped me was so nice. She made me feel like I had nothing to worry about. Everything was done right and I had my check the next day.

H&R Block in Centennial, WY


By Carol H.

The H&R Block seasonal store at SW PLaza in Littleton Sears is just terrific, especially if you wait til the last minute, as I usually do!, to file your taxes. I have used Ken Smith there the last two years very successfully. The office staff is efficient, courteous and correct. Ken Smith has done taxes many years, knows the software, rules & regulations, and takes the time to know your information, needs & concerns. PROS: professional complete knowledge, great support staff all levels CONS: none

H&R Block in Las Vegas, NV


By Paris B.

April 15th is a dreadful day for most but for me it was a breeze. I got everthing that I needed to get done way ahead of time and with my broker from HR it made life a whole lot easier!

H&R Block in Pasadena, CA


By michelle D.

This tax service helps to eliminate all the anxiety and frustration during the tax season. The staff is friendly and competent. They help keep things simple, comfortable and fast. Once you become regular you can stick with your same tax person all the seasons to come.

H&R Block in Encinitas, CA


By Yetzina Y.

Great service, accurate, friendly. I had a hard time with my taxes last year and this year I was lucky.

H&R Block in Santa Clara, CA


By Stephen R.

This office used to be located on First street and began doing business at its present location in 2004. The office features a number of seasoned veteran preparers, at least two of them enrolled agents. The office is superbly managed and the teamwork of the staff becomes very evident upon arrival.