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What Insiders are Saying about H&R Block

H&R Block in Acworth, GA


By Brenda F.

We had a good experience with these people.They very professional and friendly . We would definitely use them again. They were very knowledgeable , Very efficient.

H&R Block in Fall River, MA


By liz r.

I had my taxes done here and they did it for me. Very big place and lots of friendly people. In liked it and have gone there for years until I became a stay at home mom. My sister goes there now and likes the prices and how they do your taxes for you , ship it out and you pay $50. Not bad. you get them back in 2-4 wks. PROS: nice environment CONS: none

H&R Block in Chicago, IL


By Cora c.

We love H&R Block and have been coming to them for years. Sandra is very knowledgeable in helping us get the most and quickest refund possible!

H&R Block in Burleson, TX


By Kim C.

I got my taxes done by H&R Block rather than doing them myself. I was so impressed by how professional the employee was that helped me and my husband. The $69 fee was well worth my stress level being gone and he was not only professional, but friendly as well. We will definitely be back next year!

H&R Block in Boulder, CO


By Britta K.

I cannot tell you how highly I regard H and R Block on Broadway. Being a contractor, freelance writer, I would never have been able to get money back on my taxes this year. Not on my own.

H&R Block in Houston, AK


By Gilbert L.

the staff at h&r block were really helpfull at getting me the money i deserved in my tax refund. they were also very friendly and i recomend them to help you get cash aswell!

H&R Block in North Las Vegas, NV


By angela m.

H & R Block is a place to get your taxes done and filed. They even have a preparation service here. H & R Block gets your taxes filed with quickness and ease. They even do call reminders every year to remind you to get them done again. Very nice representatives here to help you file every year. They have many options for filing too, which they explain to you, how they work, there pluses and cons, and prices.

H&R Block in Garden Grove, CA


By Thai V.

H & R Block is the best tax preparation services around. I drop by during last late march to get my tax filed. They greet me when I first enter, and offer me a seat. Within 5 minutes, an agent was helping me and preparing my tax. Their service is simply awesome. I would recommend them to everyone.

H&R Block in Deptford, NJ


By Alex D.

If you do your own taxes and spend countless hours preparing your taxes and can't seem to finish them . H& R Block is the place to go. They will prepare your taxes quickly and efficiently. Your refund will be in the mail within 2 weeks or less.

H&R Block in Alpine, AL



my experience was wonderful. they met every expectation i had. they specialize in accounting, tax preparations and they make sure u get back all the money you poss-ably can for your tax return. they are definitely a great deal they are affordable and the look out for your best interests.i would definitely recommend them! the people the most are ,of course, Karen metha,Lisa,Jeff,Helga,and Kent. they all have great personality and very experience professionals

H&R Block in Sunnyvale, CA


By Sreekanth M.

One of best tax consultants. They give the best financial advice. They explain things if you don't understand. The staff are very friendly and courteous.

H&R Block in Everett, WA


By Bethany A.

I have always done my own taxes, but I started my own business two years ago and did not do my taxes for two years for fear of the unknown, a friend of mine told me I should go to H&R Block because she and her husband run a small business and I did not realize that they do business returns. I am sooooo happy that I went because the tax lady got me a refund for both years and explained everything to me so it does not seem so scary now, I also know now what things I need to be saving and keeping track of too, she was so helpful, I will definitely go back this year!!!

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