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What Insiders are Saying about Hallmark Cards & Gifts

Hallmark Cards & Gifts in Woodstock, AL


By Shirley A C.

A great place to find a variety of greeting cards and other assorted gifts. They have baby books, wedding albums and all of little nick naks. All at a great price.

Hallmark Cards & Gifts in Bridgewater, MA


By John D.

This is your typical Hallmark store, with all the cards, wrapping and collectibles you could ever need. However, for some reason I always run into the unhappy clerk when I go there--someone who is not going to offer me any help even if I drop to the floor with a heart attack. It is striking to me how UNhelpful the staff has been when I've been there. Maybe it's just my bad luck.

Hallmark Cards & Gifts in Downers Grove, IL


By Nadia Z.

I always tend to get the highest quality of products there for the best price possible. Their customer service is very helpful when you have any questions and in sending out promotions and specials especially through out the holidays as well as special occasions (i.e, birthdays, etc.)

Hallmark Cards & Gifts in Arlington, TX


By Whitney h.

This is the best place to go if you need the perfect card for the right occasion. I personal like there .99 cent area, you can get cheap cards to just make someone smile. They also have a halmark card that can save you money.

Hallmark Cards & Gifts in Arvada, CO


By Maura S.

This is our local Hallmark store and the people who work there are just great. They always have a smile and are always friendly and very helpful. This store has a very good selection of products and lots of cards. Just a real nice place to shop. PROS: Friendly service with a smile CONS:

Hallmark Cards & Gifts in Houston, TX


By Phillena M.

I really like this Hallmark store, they are very organized and friendly. They have any card that you could possibly imagine for any ocassion or need. Their staff is very helpful and friendly. They will hold things for you for a couple of days. They have GREAT sales. I recommend them to anyone!

Hallmark Cards & Gifts in Cerritos, CA


By Jason W.

The second you walk in the door, you know Meg's Hallmark Shop has been put together with a lot of love. Everything is arranged neatly on shelves or elaborate displays, with Meg's personal touch. Here you can find tons of Beanie Babies, cards, and cute gifts you aren't going to see anywhere else.

Hallmark Cards & Gifts in Hackettstown, NJ


By Jackie B.

I could and do spend hours in this place, I love all the special things they have, candles, jewelry, cards, ornaments and lottery tickets and a ups store, buy it send it!

Hallmark Cards & Gifts in Wilmington, DE


By Bettene P.

This afternoon I went in dreading the thought of the Christmas crowd and was pleased to see that even though Hallmark was busy that the customer services got the customer's out quickly! Not only was I very satisfied, but I know I will be going back very soon! Items were already on sale and some were not even advertised which was a nice treat when I went to pay for my items!

Hallmark Cards & Gifts in San Bruno, CA


By Sandy H.

I like this specific Hallmark Store. It is very well organized and has a great selection of cards. You will always find what you are looking for. And teh sales people are very helpful and friendly. They help you pick out the things that you really need. This is a very nice store in a great location. It has the curest gift ideas too. Highly recommended.

Hallmark Cards & Gifts in Frederick, MD


By Deb S.

Very well kept store, the help is always friendly and willing to assist. I especially like the selection of gifts and the variety of audiences the gifts are geared to...I can always find that special something at Hallmark.