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Hancock Fabrics was founded in 1957 and offers customers fabric, home sewing, and decorating accessories with store locations in 42 states. Find Hancock Fabrics locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Hancock Fabrics

Hancock Fabrics in Chicago, IL


By Arcadia L.

This store is rather large and carries a lot more than just fabric, but, let's start there. They have all kinds of fabric, from the latest synthetics to pure wools, silk, cotton, and leather. Need fake fur, this is the place. Here you can purchase patterns, sewing machines, notions, thread, etc. they also cater to crafts with a large selection of knitting yarn and needles, crocet hooks, embroderie yarn, patterns, and hoops. A small section at the front of the store features home accessories. Prices are very competitive.

Hancock Fabrics in Lewisville, AR


By Sherry M.

If you're serious about sewing, this is the store you're looking for. I've relied on them for years and I'm heading there again today because I know they'll have the v belt I need for my old machine. This is not like an afterthought in a hobby shop or discount store. This business provides the supplies, tools and notions it takes to accomplish the job. If you're new to sewing, you'll likely be overwhelmed by the choices. That is not a bad thing, but it can be intimidating. I would suggest you scout it out and study up on how to accomplish a project before you plunk down serious money. Once you know what you're looking for, go to Hancock's. They'll have it. Be prepared to be patient at the cutting table. Maybe this is just me, but I ALWAYS get cranky waiting to get my stuff cut. Probably because I'm excited to get on with it. "I've found what I need, let me sew!"

Hancock Fabrics in Longmont, CO


By Jodi B.

I have always been satisfied with the notions and the thread choice. During the day, they tend to have only two staff, one of which has to be called to the register if you want to check out. During the holiday season or big sales days, the staff is friendly and polite despite the pushiness or impatience of their customers. Any time I have needed help (notion or fabric), they have been willing to show me what I need rather than simply pointing the way. I appreciate that. Thanks.

Hancock Fabrics in Conroe, TX


By steve k.

went in knowing nothing about fabric hoping to get some help with boat seat fabric. No one wanted to help. I was told several times everything we have is out. When I asked for help they would only point to a general direction. They all seemed to be in a bad mood and very unwilling to help. As a male looking for help I can only hope that when one of these women go into an auto parts store they receive better service than what was offered to me. Will not go back

Hancock Fabrics in Las Vegas, NM


By Diana L.

Loved the fabric, but found that MANY on the sale racks were NOT on sale at the checkout counter. I was extremely disappointed, and was significantly overcharged (5 yeards @ 5.99 - on 50% off table with no discount at all). They seem to be very unorganized.The fabric in question was not a "fish out of water". It completely matched the description on the sign and was totally the same type of fabric as the others on that rack.

Hancock Fabrics in Rancho Cucamonga, CA


By Teresa s.

I loved this store too, but it closed a while ago. I used to buy craft stuff for my job (a teacher) there. Now the closest store is in Redlands. BOO HOO!

Hancock Fabrics in Bensalem, PA


By Ranga S.

The same fabrics and notions and crafts you have come to expect from a chain fabric store. Good prices, good selection. But here is the fun part. My friend A____ worked at Handcock for a year or so. She loves to sew. She used to spend lots of money on fabric, more fabric, etc. Once she joind Handcock, she was able to (once the manager approved each item) get the fabric, thread and pattern FREE. In exchange she would bring in the completed item for display for 4-6 weeks. She even got to do her knitting projects this way. Highly recommended!

Hancock Fabrics in Oceanside, CA


By Jackie T.

Hancock Fabrics in Oceanside is well lit and kept in an orderly state. Materials are sorted by type and then by color. There are a few shelves set aside which hold specially priced items. In addition, there is a series of discount tables towards the back; the last few of which are specifically for interior design fabrics. Hancocks interior design section is easy to search through, with the newest/trendiest materials displayed on stands. There is a section with lamps, finished furniture, and other items for the home. Along the far wall shoppers can find tools, needles, elastics, and other notions for sewing. There is a fair representation for other crafts; a display for yarn, embroidery floss, a wall of buttons, and items of similar nature to name a few.

Hancock Fabrics in San Jose, CA


By Anne R.

Hancock has a nice selection of fabrics, ribbons, buttons, and sewing supplies as well as upholstery fabrics. It's well organized, bright, and easy to find what you're looking for. We've found the staff to be friendly and helpful. During the holidays, they have a nice selection of decorative items.

Hancock Fabrics in Kirkland, AZ


By Taffy T.

Hancock has an excellent collection of fabric and material. If you sign up for their mail notice, its worth getting the coupons and bargain notices in the mail.

Hancock Fabrics in Waldorf, MD


By theresa b.

FANTASTIC service!! If you want that personalized assistance with a staff that is truly product-intelligent with a desire to make you happy then this is the place to go. Sherri(sp) is truly special; she makes it clear that her interests lie in finding you what you want in your price range. I will use them for all my sewing needs in the future.