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Hardee's in La Jolla, CA


By ullas k.

Hertz Car rentals are really cool as they have tie ups with many corporate firms in America. So they offer good discount prices on midsize vehicles with Insurance covered by the corporate firm. I like the way the reps handle any emergency situations & the always available midsize cars for rental. The brand new models are also a plus point.

Hardee's in Seattle, WA


By Nick D.

These guys have it down. If you fly into Boeing Field and are in need of a good FBO or other services they are tough to beat. Great courtesy cars, great customer service. Definately pay them a visit! They are a little on the pricey side but treat you with complete respect as a pilot and a gentleman/gentlewoman. Flight instruction here is very expensive but very high quality. PROS: Respectful staff CONS: Pricey